OSNews Developer's API

Submitting Links
 Currently, our API is in its first stages. For now, we have a submission method similar to many other sites. The page you'll post to is /submit. Data is submitted via GET variables. A well-formed request should look like this:

	   > url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.osnews.com
	   > &title=OSNews+API
	   > &desc=This+is+the+new+OSNews+API%21+Does+it+work+for+you%3F

The parameters are as follows:

	url => An optional link URL 
	title => The title of your submission, URL-encoded
	desc => An optional description/synopsis of your link
Please note that all fields will be urldecoded when processed. A title and description are required fields to submit your form, but all three are optional when linking to the submit.php page. Certain parameter values, such as URL, may function without proper encoding, however, our suggestion is that all fields are urlencoded via PHP's urlencode() or Javascript's encodeURIcomponent.


We are providing the following images for use on your site. You may use them here or store the images locally on your site.

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