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Opera Software Opera 8-beta 3 was released for windows and unix with native SVG support.
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by KaS_m on Thu 17th Mar 2005 20:26 UTC

With SVG, corporate web designers will finally be able to do what they've been trying to do for a long time - make a web page that is basically one big image.

Hopefully this means the death of Flash.

js + svg != flash
by mattb on Thu 17th Mar 2005 20:37 UTC

and it hasnt for awhile.

Re: Finally
by Anonymous on Thu 17th Mar 2005 20:45 UTC

Yes! Finally the death of Flash! Now all it needs is SMIL, XMLSockets, Audio/Video, Microphone/Webcam, cross-browser/platform, AND be installed on millions of computers worldwide 5 years ago. Wooohoo!

P.S. This is a beta, which has less SVG support than the current Firefox beta compiled with SVG. I won't be selling my copy of Macromedia Flash any time soon.

Ok, Not Yet
by KaS_m on Thu 17th Mar 2005 20:59 UTC

On OSNews, I'd expect people to recognize the importance of open standards. SVG may be new, but you're going to see native browser support of it a lot sooner than Flash - and no one who knows anything about web design is going to deploy a website to run entirely in somebody's browser plug-in (no, major record labels DON'T know anything about web design).

When I referred to the death of Flash, I didn't mean by Opera's preliminary support for cellphone SVG. I meant the full SVG standard in all its glory, which I hope to see soon in every major browser except IE 7.

Oh, and of course ECMAScript+SVG doesn't equal Flash - it's better.

Slow boot from beta version
by finalzone on Thu 17th Mar 2005 21:02 UTC

For some reason, it took a minute to start Opera on my Fedora Core 3. Anyone else has that issue?

opera best browser?
by Anonymous on Thu 17th Mar 2005 21:34 UTC

opera could easily be the best browser out there, i for one sort of love it, only one thing that is holding me back with firefox and that is adblock, if only opera has something similar, i'd use opera full stop.

Love Opera
by Joe User on Thu 17th Mar 2005 21:37 UTC

Opera Software inovate a lot and struggle to implement the W3C specifications before all, and that's good.

Version 8 of their Internet Suite is a masterpiece.

RE: opera best browser?
by Flavio on Thu 17th Mar 2005 22:50 UTC

Opera HAS something similar!
Go to to know about ad blocking using the Operaīs built in URL filtering and also how to do ad blocking using CSS.
From you can get an updated list of ad servers. Or just go directly to
For best results, I use both, the ad servers list PLUS a CSS file from
I know, FireFox has a better way to set the filter (using right click), but as Opera lover I donīt care much!

Re: Flavio (IP:
by Joe User on Thu 17th Mar 2005 23:00 UTC

Flavio you're here? Wow, I'm glad! We usually talk together on opera.brasil usenet channel.

Back to topic, I think many people discriminate/block/criticize Opera but are not well informed and have in mind version 6, which is miles away from version 8.

Yeah... and Apple?
by Martin on Fri 18th Mar 2005 00:19 UTC

but where's the OS X's version? (Of the beta, I mean)

The new 'high quality' voice ...
by Darius on Fri 18th Mar 2005 01:24 UTC

I am currently playing with Beta 3. It has a new 'high quality' voice that you can use, which ironically sounds worse than the older one.

Not to mention that for some strange reason, the voice engine loses its mind and randomly refuses to work when I click 'Speak', so I have to go into Preferences (which is now using tabs and totally fucked up) and go to the Voice options and click the OK button.

I know some of you think Opera is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I'm not impressed with it .. never have been. If it weren't for its voice functionality, I'd probably never use it. (I plan to try out the Firefox extension for text-to-speech one of these days.)

Re: Re: Finally
by Michelle of the Resistance on Fri 18th Mar 2005 03:13 UTC

not to mention flash has a great editor/ide and that actionscript 2 is nicer.

AMD64 Version
by azazel on Fri 18th Mar 2005 03:20 UTC

It'd be nice if they started building binaries for AMD64 (at least on Linux).

I love Opera, but firefox with a few extensions is pretty damn nice... still, inertia keeps me with Opera for the time being. It's interface and session saving just rocks.

SVG vs Flash
by Axord on Fri 18th Mar 2005 05:20 UTC

(azazel: there's a session saver extension for Firefox)

On the one hand, anything that keeps Macromedia honest and on their toes is a good thing.

And anything that pushes SVG forward is certainly a good thing.

But... replace Flash? Please. Even if you forget the install base for a second, and the fact that this is only SVG Tiny, the IDEs make this not even a contest. Inkscape is yet to have any kind of timeline support, much less scripting (And they'd need to go through the pain of working with cross-browser javascript, too). And still, the interface is already very cluttered, with the performance rating a "frigid" on the uphill molasses race...

Not this year, not next year. Nor the year after that.

Good for Opera, Flash is still with us.
by adam on Fri 18th Mar 2005 17:00 UTC

First off, great news about Opera, I wasn't aware they were implementing that in the new version, and as a designer/developer I'm glad to see it.
As far as all the Flash bashing around here : get off your geek high horses guys. SVG + ECMAScript will not replace flash - Ever. As someone mentioned in the thread above, Flash supports a lot of things beyond just vector graphics and scripting - with it's network code and whatnot you can make VERY powerful web applications based on Flash. Just because most people only use it for animation, don't think that is all it can do.
I love open standards, they are of course very important. However, having a cross platform solution in place and installed on nearly every machine on the planet is important as well. I know it's trendy to hate Flash, but it is a solution that is in place and can be used in the real world - and that is a very very important thing.
Anyway, sorry for dragging this thread even farther off course.

RE: Joe User
by Flavio on Fri 18th Mar 2005 17:52 UTC

Hi, Joe
Sorry, but I donīt use usenet channels (yet!). Must be another Flavio.

Back to topic: for me, the Operaīs internet suite rocks!!!