Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 13th Apr 2005 19:37 UTC, submitted by Tay Hock Keong
Window Managers JD4X v0.5 now supports both jdk v1.4 or v1.5 (jdk 5). The binary version released is however, compiled for jdk 1.5 (jdk 5).
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by raver31 on Wed 13th Apr 2005 21:16 UTC

thats what I was talking about....

ages ago when the Sun Java Desktop came along.
I though the Sun attempt was going to be like this. I was wrong. It was just another Linux

But this looks very interesting, I will give it a go tomorrow, too tired tonight

by P on Wed 13th Apr 2005 21:51 UTC

I'm gonna try this..

I wonder if this could easily be ported to JNode (an opensource Java OS).. Thus fulfilling Sun's 10 year old promise of a Java OS! Oh yeah I also remember at some point Sun wanted Java CPUs lol... Is anybody up for designing one? ;)

At least they won't...
by johnlein on Wed 13th Apr 2005 21:53 UTC

...have the argument if they should include Java or Mono/C# as the next level language/environment for the DE.

by Anonymous on Wed 13th Apr 2005 22:21 UTC

the screenshots look pretty good for an early stage desktop! i'll be keeping an eye on this as it develops!

Why Java?
by Anon on Thu 14th Apr 2005 11:14 UTC

Seriously, why? Just because they thought it would be an interesting thing to do, or is there more to it than that?

Perfect for Java!
by Anonymous on Thu 14th Apr 2005 12:47 UTC

Perhaps sharing desktop Jvm can save system resources. Eg. memory usage. Applications and desktop might be faster when sharing a single Jvm process than it would be to have a process for each Jvm application. Also may be it makes sense to reuse the large amount of Java OSS applications and libraries out there. A single toolkit environment like Java can make development very easy for larger projects. And lastly no shared library hell to maintain.

Just a wild guess!