Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 7th May 2002 06:03 UTC, submitted by Maarten Hekkelman
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Yesterday we hosted a competition for the great multi-platform programmer's text editor, Pepper. Hekkelman Programmatuur informed us that the lucky winner is Tim Vernum. Congratulations Tim!
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by tpv on Tue 7th May 2002 07:17 UTC

Yay me! ;)

Alot like Crimson Editor
by Chris on Tue 7th May 2002 13:46 UTC

Pepper seems to be an awful lot like" Crimson Editor. I know that CE is only for Windows, but its one of the best code editors that I've ever used!

by Kevin on Tue 7th May 2002 14:13 UTC

Congrats dude!

by stew on Tue 7th May 2002 19:35 UTC's not me ;)
Is it smart to have the winner's email address on the front page? The spam bots are smart enought to take out the NO-SPAM.

Lets have an experiment...
by mrt on Tue 7th May 2002 20:39 UTC

Hey TPV! Post back in a little while and let us know if you've received more spam than usual.

by stew on Tue 7th May 2002 21:30 UTC

I noticed an increase in spam when I used to fill out the "Your email address" in this form. And it's definately from spambots scanning OSNews, as I haven't used that particular mail address anywhere else.

More spam?
by tpv on Wed 8th May 2002 04:30 UTC

I wouldn't be able to tell.
About 90% of my mail to this address is spam - if it went to 95% I wouldn't even notice.

I usually use my spamcop address, but spamcop's recent changes have caused me too many head-aches.

by llyod on Thu 9th May 2002 12:51 UTC

Yep. I use as an email address, and the spambots conveniently removes the nospam bit. No spam for me ;)