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NetBSD The NetBSD Packages Team has frozen the development of new features for pkgsrc to prepare for the release of the next stable branch pkgsrc-2005Q2. The freeze period began on June 6th 2005 and is expected to last two weeks at the most. During this time, the developers will bring down the PR count and fix problems shown by the bulk builds. See Alistair G. Crooks's message to the tech-pkg mailing list for details.
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by Andrea on Fri 10th Jun 2005 05:50 UTC

Hope kde3.4.1 will be included.

Is there a list of the packages versions that will be built ?

Automatic bulding
by Andrea on Fri 10th Jun 2005 07:58 UTC

Every month, more or less, you can find packages for freebsd stable (4, 5, event 6-current).

I think they use some kind of automatic build because they don't freeze the ports system for that, but I could be wrong.

Would not be good each month to have binary packages for netbsd maybe for i386 only ?

Waiting for 3 months is too much because some bigs such as KDE can't be compiled on my slow machine.

For example it would be a shame to not have kde 3.4.1 but to have 3.4.0 and wait the next 3 months to have that .1 but if few days before .2 was release then wait for another 3 months.

Also if there is a security patch for firefox, should have wait for 3 months ? (hey one month with freebsd doesn't change too much).

I think binary upgrades, such as debian, would let the BSD world to make a big jump ahead :-D

@ Andrea
by Geert Hendrickx on Fri 10th Jun 2005 08:05 UTC

1) KDE 3.4.1 is already in pkgsrc, don't worry.

2) Security upgrades are pulled up to the quarterly branches. So if a vulnerability is found in Firefox, and Mozilla releases an update, there will be a new binary package ASAP.

iso packages, please
by insdr on Fri 10th Jun 2005 15:56 UTC

I would like NetBSD to offer package CD isos regularly. I live in a 3er world country where there is no much internet access and the pkg_add solution, though good, does not work here. It would be easier if they would create collection of packages in iso format so that we could download only once. The iso package in the site for 2.0 comes only with KDE and very bare-bones for that. I would like to see gnome packaged this way.