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Syllable, AtheOS This is a small update to Syllable 0.5.6 which fixes a number of important bugs related to Glibc 2.3.4.
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by ttt on Sat 18th Jun 2005 15:41 UTC
all quiet on the Syllable front
by johnMG on Sat 18th Jun 2005 17:22 UTC

My guess is that the Syllable team is probably quietly putting in the coding and debugging hours, and intentionally keeping a fairly low profile until Syllable becomes usable for the masses.

by johnMG on Sat 18th Jun 2005 17:31 UTC

BTW, I'd complained in the past saying that Syllable is a poorly-chosen name because (among other reasons) it's not very googlable, but this quick search:

gives me this:

right on the first page (6th one down). And on that page, there's Syllable listed right in the GPL'd OS section. ;)

As an aside, that same Google search yields osnews as the #3 link. Way to go osnews. ;)

by johnlein on Sat 18th Jun 2005 20:34 UTC

You know if you design your google searches to complicated, your searches won't necessarily get more accurate. Just look for syllable and it will be the first thing to pop up.

RE: all quiet on the Syllable front
by Vanders on Sat 18th Jun 2005 22:35 UTC

Pretty much. Syllable will be "done" when it hits 1.0, and there is very little point in us trying to do big, flashy releases when there is still work to be done on the core.

What actually makes things more difficult for us is that we're actually pretty far along; we have a working GUI, working applications, working multi-media etc. so it's pretty hard now to have any more quantum leap type moments. There are still a few to come, but most of our work now is just incremental improvments and steady work towards Syllable 1.0, which is a path already mapped out.

I've just released the first alpha of a new version of Whisper, a mail client for Syllable. It's not exactly Thunderbird (yet!) but it's a good example of the sort of work we're doing right now.

Oh and in case you didn't know, the goal I set at the begining of this year was for me to be able to "Eat my own dog food" and start to use Syllable as my primary Operating System (instead of Linux) by the end of the year. That means we have to make Syllable stable and useful, which is what a lot of the work this year has all been about. I'm pretty confident of hitting the goal!

To Vanders
by shekky on Sun 19th Jun 2005 02:03 UTC

Good luck Vanders. I for one check your humble progress steadily. I have faith you'll be eating Alpo in no time!

RE: btw
by Tanner on Mon 20th Jun 2005 14:23 UTC

IMHO, switching back to AtheOS "name" should be a good thing. Syllable as said by johnMG isnt a nice name...

Yes Yes i know this is a stupid thing.. but Im also stupid! ;)