Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 12th Nov 2005 05:21 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Yesterday we reported on the issue that surfaced between the project leaders of Gaim and Gaim-vv and we linked to the blog of the Gaim-vv developer. We now host a Q&A with the other side, Gaim's project leader and Google employee Sean Egan, who clears up a few things for us.
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Is it just me
by jdrake on Sat 12th Nov 2005 05:46 UTC
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Is it just me or does this interview say a lot of nothing?

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RE: Is it just me
by japail on Sat 12th Nov 2005 07:06 UTC in reply to "Is it just me"
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It states the position of the person somewhat maligned by the earlier blog post. If anything they probably should have asked him some questions before running the other story. People complain about a lot of things in their blogs, including the decisions others make in software projects. One party wants to take his ball and go home, because the work has been side-lined, but since people want webcam support in their IM clients, it turns into some grand conspiracy about whether Google is usurping gaim and turning it into Google Talk.

Drama in an open source project?! Never! The desire to start over from scratch?! When does that happen? It's almost as if it's like every other social group!

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Maybe, but ...
by Omega Supreme on Sat 12th Nov 2005 09:23 UTC
Omega Supreme
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This is no the first time I read complaints about the gaim developers and accepting contributions. When the first bounties were announced for gnome there were some Gaim bounties.

At the time people were already questioning if they would ever be accepted even before work started.

So in this case I tend to "Where there is smoke, there is fire"

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v RE: Maybe, but ...
by Rasmus on Sat 12th Nov 2005 17:08 UTC in reply to "Maybe, but ..."
Cross platform
by bsharitt on Sat 12th Nov 2005 10:44 UTC
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One thing that I wonder about with Gnome-vv and GStreamer is how cross platform it will still be. Could it jeopordize the windows port or the useof libgaim in Adium on OS X?

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RE: Cross platform
by Sodki on Sat 12th Nov 2005 11:08 UTC in reply to "Cross platform"
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They will still be cross-platform, don't worry.

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I would not like to admit...
by pecisk on Sun 13th Nov 2005 11:29 UTC
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...but Gstreamer still has to grown. I don't know small details about switching, but it could important.

However, if it so easy to switch those libs, why not make them optional?

I don't like arguing and doomsaying like that, so I hope that misunderstanding will be cleaned up.

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