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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Palm this week introduced a Treo model that uses the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Mobile software (formerly known as Pocket PC). On the outside, the new Treo 700w looks very much like the current Palm-based model, the Treo 650, which will remain on sale and will continue to be developed on a parallel track. On the inside, though, the new Treo's key software functions - phone, email, Web, multimedia - are all different."
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650 4EVAR!!11!!
by CharAznable on Thu 5th Jan 2006 20:20 UTC
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Woohoo, Windows usability comes to the Treo!

No thanks, I'll stick to my 650 until they pry it out of my cold, dead hands. Or until the EV-DO version comes along.

It's amazing the stuff you can do with one hand with the Treo 650. I've actually posted to OS News from it.

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RE: 650 4EVAR!!11!!
by ApproachingZero on Thu 5th Jan 2006 20:47 UTC in reply to "650 4EVAR!!11!!"
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>>It's amazing the stuff you can do with one hand with the Treo 650.

Details please!

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Treo 650 Rocks!
by Michael_Valentine on Thu 5th Jan 2006 20:42 UTC
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Love mine and would never use a Microsoft based product. Hopefully Palm keeps developing the Palm based Treo's.

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I use Sprint PCS 6700
by CuriosityKills on Thu 5th Jan 2006 21:04 UTC
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And really that kicks a$$ is so convenient to use. It has outlook email, web browser, windows media player etc etc etc. It has a 802.11b card so i am always on WiFi in my office or home.

Tell me if Treo 650 does all that for u?

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RE: I use Sprint PCS 6700
by CharAznable on Thu 5th Jan 2006 21:39 UTC in reply to "I use Sprint PCS 6700"
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The 6700 looks like a really nifty device, too bad about the software. I detest Windows Mobile/Pocket PC. My girlfriend has an iPaq which I hate, except for the fact that it can run Pocket Quake.

The Treo has a very decent email client, a web browser, a media player that I never use, since I hate music (it has too many notes). I do hop on the web to check out yahoo maps or check the weather.

It doesn't have WiFi, but the enterprising user can add a WiFi card. I haven't done it, since I mostly carry around my Powerbook like it's a part of my body. It'd be nice though. That would be the greatest shortcoming, beside the lack of EV-DO support.

But I like it first and foremost because it's a really good, easy to use *phone*. A lot of smartphone makers really lose sight of this. I used to have a Samsung i300 that was a great PDA but a terribly awkward phone. Can't comment on the 6700 on this respect, but I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm at the Sprint store.

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RE: You use parody to good effect...
by glarepate on Fri 6th Jan 2006 18:12 UTC in reply to "I use Sprint PCS 6700"
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Is this a Mike Cox style lampoon? There is no mention of your MS Rep and abuse of the IT staff but it still sounds like him.

First clue:'s so convenient to use.

Of course that's what gets so many MS users in trouble. The system is so convenient even a virus, worm or trojan can use it. Human interaction not required. Does it call up other systems and transfer kiddie porn to them?

Second: It has [litany of insecure software]

Why have a phone that has these potential problems unless you are a software security tester. Called any good WMFs lately? Or do they call you?

Third: ...always on WiFi in my office or home.

So, having the potential for exploitation isn't much fun if you don't have maximum exposure, eh?

Pretty good. You seem to have fooled at least one reader into thinking you were serious. I'd give you a 6.

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Dude, you got a Dell!
by Jon Dough on Thu 5th Jan 2006 22:33 UTC
Jon Dough
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I've got a Dell Axim X51v. It doesn't have phone functions, nor would I want it to. My LG VX8100 that I got for free does everything I need a cellphone to do. The Axim does everything else I need, and then some. It rocks!

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by CPUGuy on Thu 5th Jan 2006 22:44 UTC
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I've got an Audiovox 6600. I really love it.

The only thing I don't like about Windows Mobile is that the close button doesn't actually close the apps, you have to manually go into the memory config app and kill the app. Other than it's just great.

Much better hardwriting recog, browsing, and even better at being a PIM.

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the beginning of the end
by dukeinlondon on Fri 6th Jan 2006 00:14 UTC
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alienating customers is a receipe for disaster. Palm users don't want pocket windows or they would have bought something else.

What's wrong with them ? At least go for symbian and do it good.....

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palm treo 700p
by collinm on Fri 6th Jan 2006 03:32 UTC
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for palm user who hate ms stuff, palm will go out a palm treo 700p

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For Rogers/Fido GSM
by Dark_Knight on Fri 6th Jan 2006 04:06 UTC
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As a Rogers customer in Canada I'm more interested in knowing if we'll get the Treo codenamed "Hollywood" here for GSM customers.


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A step down?!
by Nalle on Fri 6th Jan 2006 06:36 UTC
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The Treo 650 is the best phone/smartphone/pda I've ever had. And I've had a few, among those a SE P800. That one was quite OK, but not quite enough.

The Palm OS is simple, intuitive, diversible and has a lot of apps out there.

A lot of Palm users (oh, yeah, I'm among them) don't want Windows Mobile. They love the simplicity of the layout and do not want to use the "lumpy" Windows interface. That a few of the essensial apps lacks functions (as mail do) doesn't help.

A 1.3 Mpx camera is nice, but it's not important to most of us. What is important is the following:

- A simple intuitive interface.
- Apps that works and have the functions needed.
- Stability.
- A good phone.
Windows Mobile (as I've seen it) doesn't provide all theese features.

Another thing that's important to many of us, is that ability to sync with other OS'es. Palm will happily sync with Windows and Linux alike (against Outlook(win) and Evolution(Linux)), something I believe is not possible with Windows Mobile -devices.


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