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Morphos Genesi is pleased to announce the order period for evaluation systems for the High Density Blade and HDB Chassis is now open. The HDB can be deployed in a variety of configurations. The HDB features one or paired Freescale MPC7447, MPC7447A or MPC7448 PowerPC processor(s) and the Tundra Tsi109 host bridge.
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Scarce details
by Wes Felter on Wed 25th Jan 2006 20:07 UTC
Wes Felter
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Does this hardware really exist? I don't see any photos and the specs are remarkably vague. Does it have one or two processors? What frequency? The Tsi109 is a good choice, though.

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RE: Scarce details
by gary on Thu 26th Jan 2006 07:14 UTC in reply to "Scarce details"
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The Genesi HDB page ( ) says "Single or Dual Freescale G4 (MPC744x) processors," up to 1.5GHz I suppose. Also, Genesi says they're providing "a complete reference design package" so apparently there's no manufacturing until a customer arranges it.

Since you're in Austin, maybe you could get a first-hand look at whatever Genesi has put together so far. They have offices there. (BTW and off-topic -- I've always enjoyed your Hack the Planet blog.)

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RE[2]: Scarce details
by Raffaele on Thu 26th Jan 2006 07:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Scarce details"
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Mr gary wrote:

"Single or Dual Freescale G4 (MPC744x) processors," up to 1.5GHz I suppose.

Nope. Upto 1.7 GHz.

HDB Motherboards can mount also MPC7448, and this is now available from Freescale, ranging from 600MHz upto 1.7GHz with 1 MB cache L2 and 90nm layout design.

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Anything has its times...
by Raffaele on Thu 26th Jan 2006 07:01 UTC
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Mr. Wes Felher wrote:

> Scarce details

Well... What do you expect from a motherboard born to be hosted in a rack server chassis?

Stunning graphic? Advanced audio features?
Description of all I/O ports?

If i remember well, in some duscussion it had been stated that Genesi blade has no multimedia capabiliies.
It is a crunching machine for services like hosting.

All it needs it is single or double ethernet ports.

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Incorrect topic
by timofonic on Thu 26th Jan 2006 21:51 UTC
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Genesi did collabored with MorphOS, Genesi did the Pegasos machines that MorphOS run on them. Those machines can be on the PowerPC topic, I think MorphOS topic is incorrect.

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