Linked by Thom Holwerda on Fri 3rd Mar 2006 20:18 UTC, submitted by masterjack
Morphos Following the MorphZone Bounty Program, Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin has, after a lot of work, released MOSNet 1.0 on Sourceforge together with the MOSNet SDK. This is a big leap for MorphOS users, which previously had to rely on emulated software to get networking up and running.
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v nice
by poundsmack on Fri 3rd Mar 2006 23:30 UTC
This is Ausgezeichnet!
by Android Fan on Sat 4th Mar 2006 00:18 UTC
Android Fan
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This is really ausgezeichnet, way to go Morphosians!

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by Ronald Vos on Sat 4th Mar 2006 00:23 UTC
Ronald Vos
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I could've sworn they already had a native stack. Even AROS had a native stack months ago for example.

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by KugelKurt on Sat 4th Mar 2006 10:04 UTC
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MorphOS arrives in the 1990s. Congrats!

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Happy days
by Acill on Sun 5th Mar 2006 14:45 UTC
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Its working great too. We had a stack but it wasnt native. They were AmigaOS stacks that worked well.

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