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BSD and Darwin derivatives Ever get tired of reading your news about BSD? Try BSDTalk then. So far they got about 20/10 minute podcasts regarding BSD related news and info.
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Enjoyed this
by jjmckay on Thu 16th Mar 2006 06:31 UTC
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Thanks for the link. I listened to the DFlyBSD one so far. Great listening.

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A great find - lets hope it grows...
by ameasures on Thu 16th Mar 2006 09:22 UTC
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Compared to LugRadio ( this is a different, less evolved and lower resourced animal.

It is good and seems to get software authors to talk about what their vision is and what their tool does - not just how it works and which acronyms it complies with (which irritates me).

Will definitely go back and listen to a few back issues.

Being shortish episodes targeted at a particular subject may open this to becoming an indexable resource.

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Very good
by Inode on Thu 16th Mar 2006 09:43 UTC
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Thats really good news.

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Glad to see ...
by Jedd on Thu 16th Mar 2006 17:06 UTC
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...that these have been posted. I've listend to them for a few months now, they are pretty good.

/me wonders why I did not post these earlier ;-P

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