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Google "A number of you have emailed us with one question on your minds: Will there be a Summer of Code this year? The answer, as you might have guessed, is yes! The SoC is our program to introduce students to the world of Open Source software development. Last year of the 8744 applicants, 419 students were accepted into the program and more than 80% of them succeeded, which means they received the full stipend of $4500. As of today, we're taking in applications from mentoring organizations, so watch that list of mentoring organizations grow!"
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This is awesome!
by ZaNkY on Sat 15th Apr 2006 19:25 UTC
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I wanted to participate last summer but couldn't (personal reasons) ;)

This summer I hope to join a good project! I think Google's summer of code is a GREAT idea to give kids something to do in the summer lol.



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Google: a good open source citizen
by Howie S on Sat 15th Apr 2006 19:34 UTC
Howie S
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Hooray for Google. The SoC is an excellent initiative. I've been following some of the projects in one of the linux magazines. It's great stuff.

Oh, and I'll be keeping my eyes on one project in particular: pyasynchio
"This Python library is created to support asynchronous I/O (Input/Output) operations. Unlike most platform-independent asynch I/O libraries, pyasynchio is simple"

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by SEJeff on Sat 15th Apr 2006 22:21 UTC
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What the SoC did last year:

KDE, Gnome, Apache, Perl, Python, Blender, etc... Thanks to google, all of these projects were extended and improved. Even better, some of the SoC developers continue to work on the project they started to this day.

Thankyou google for advancing the development of quality
open source software and feeding starving college students for a summer ;)

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gotta love it
by kamper on Sun 16th Apr 2006 03:02 UTC
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Man this project turns my crank! Makes me want to quit my summer co-op job to see if I can get in ;)

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RE: gotta love it
by happycamper on Sun 16th Apr 2006 03:18 UTC in reply to "gotta love it"
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Man this project turns my crank! Makes me want to quit my summer co-op job to see if I can get in

why not, go ahead, you only live once.

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RE[2]: gotta love it
by kamper on Sun 16th Apr 2006 03:27 UTC in reply to "RE: gotta love it"
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why not, go ahead, you only live once.

1. way less money
2. risk of not getting in or completing it
3. that'd be screwing over my employer who is also a friend

I'm kinda surprised this is actually only getting underway now. I finish exams in a week and I like to know by this point what my summer's going to hold so I had my job locked up months ago. What time did they start taking applications last year?

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I love you google
by GregM on Sun 16th Apr 2006 06:08 UTC
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Like everyone else, I'd absolutely love to participate. You get the good feeling of contributing to the open source community and you get paid to do it.

I wish I hadn't read this right before going off to bed - - I can't stop thinking about project ideas now!

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NetBSD projects
by jschauma on Sun 16th Apr 2006 14:39 UTC
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2006-04-16">NetBSD here" rel="nofollow">">here, though students are encouraged to submit applications for NetBSD with their own ideas as well.

Browser: Links (2.1pre18; NetBSD 3.99.16 i386; 111x40)

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by Sauron on Sun 16th Apr 2006 19:59 UTC
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I would "love" to see Haiku included in that list!

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by apol on Sun 16th Apr 2006 22:26 UTC
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Isn't KDE going to participate this year? Could be nice...

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I hope
by mariuz on Mon 17th Apr 2006 07:31 UTC
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That Firebird foundation will submit some ideas to the SoC 2006
Last year was too late for submiting projects/ideas

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i m here
by SatyamevJayate on Mon 17th Apr 2006 14:43 UTC
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Here I come...
Wait Google...

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