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Gnome The second development release en route to GNOME 2.16 has been released. "GNOME 2.15.2 works well and you should definitely try it to see how well it works. So go download it. Go compile it. Go test it. And go hack on it, document it, translate it, fix it." The various download locations and NEWS files are listed in the release announcement.
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by audun on Thu 18th May 2006 13:55 UTC
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Hopefully the next announcement will be in Norwegian.. It's quite easy to learn.

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v mnan
by JackSmack on Thu 18th May 2006 14:10 UTC
funny but..
by d_Yn on Thu 18th May 2006 14:46 UTC
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I do think the announcement is pretty funny. However, I'd love to see screenshots of visible changes even for development releases. Visual information stacks much easier in the human brain than statistics (at least in mine ;)

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by Kwitschibo on Thu 18th May 2006 16:28 UTC
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Um mal alle zu verwirren die der deutsche Sprache nicht mächtig sind und nun am Text verzweifeln und wild über Google nach Online-Übersetzern suchen.

Ich hoffe mal, dass die nächste Ankündigung in deutsch (it means german) veröffentlicht wird... am besten auch noch in 4 verschiedenen Dialekten... Sächsisch, Bayrisch, Schwäbisch und Berlinerisch *g*

Gnome YMMD

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RE: Deutsch
by weirdnut on Thu 18th May 2006 16:44 UTC in reply to "Deutsch"
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En ik hoop dat de volgende release in het Nederlands wordt geschreven, want hey.. Nederlands is ooit eens bijna een wereldtaal geweest! (helaasch werd Nieuw Amsterdam eeuwen terug ingewisseld voor minder en spreekt iedereen nu Engels)


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RE[2]: Deutsch
by mkools on Thu 18th May 2006 22:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Deutsch"
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Ik ben het in elk geval helemaal met je eens! ;)

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RE: Deutsch
by antwarrior on Thu 18th May 2006 18:06 UTC in reply to "Deutsch"
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Eh Gnome !!!

Gnome yaka naka . Hamhuzviziye here ? Muzava ose ndinonda kushandisa Gnome. Ndinoshandisa Gnome ne Ubuntu. Nditaurere kuti Gnome haisizvo !

Pane munhu panapi here? Anogona kutuara ? Vaona kuti Shona yangu hasiyizvo, asi ndino edza


p.s Musandi isa pasi ne ma mhodi ponteri .Mazvita

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RE[2]: Deutsch
by dululu on Fri 19th May 2006 10:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Deutsch"
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Hesi muface

Zviri kudii? Tiripo vakawanda tinotaura pano.

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RE[3]: Deutsch
by Dr-ROX on Fri 19th May 2006 15:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Deutsch"
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Mes visi mylim Gnome, kad ir kokia kalba jis bebūtų pristatinėjamas.

Probably you will not recognize this language.

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Roadmap for 2.16
by Wrawrat on Thu 18th May 2006 16:46 UTC
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I know 2.16 is quite early in development, but what do they plan to add/improve for this release? I suppose they have a roadmap but I don't remember seeing one.

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GNOME getting better and better
by Benjamin_Lebsanft on Thu 18th May 2006 18:56 UTC
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I really like the progress you can see in many open source projects. Just as somebody else said here: lean back, take some popcorn and watch ;) Great! Thanks to be in such a community

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Gnome Power Manager
by hechacker1 on Thu 18th May 2006 20:35 UTC
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The best development to come from 2.16 seems to be the new power manager. Although I am also looking forward to the xgl effects.

I downloaded the cvs and it runs perfectly with 2.14. Great for my laptop.

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by Zlogic on Sat 20th May 2006 10:40 UTC
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Давайте я еще что-нибудь по-русски напишу! И с кучей восклицате льных знаков!!!

edit: Sorry, osnews doesn't support cyrillic characters :-(

Edited 2006-05-20 10:40

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