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Bugs & Viruses "Lately I've been blogging quite a bit on the state of on-line journalism. One aspect of that topic that I haven't touched on for awhile is the way in which a story breaks, builds, morphs and spreads electronically. The recent announcement of the Backdoor.Ginwui virus provides an interesting opportunity to do this once again, in order to see who addressed the story and how (including by me), and what, if anything, it all means." OSNews did not report on this Backdoor.Ginwui virus.
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by Ronald Vos on Sun 28th May 2006 15:39 UTC
Ronald Vos
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The word virus and trojan seems to be used interchangeably by the author, and the story doesn't go anywhere, nor havy any point at the end of it.

His article in summary: someone found a security hole, and people make more of a fuss out of it than necessary.

Big deal.

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I think it happens all the time.
by Finchwizard on Mon 29th May 2006 03:24 UTC
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I think there's been a lot of confusion lately, the words Virus, Trojan and Malware seem to be getting interchanged quite a lot lately.

For instance the recent Mac vulnerabilities.

I would think, with so much interaction to get these exploits onto your computer, it would be classed as Malware.

But each news site was using Virus, Trojan and Malware.

Think it's just lack of knowledge on the reporting part, either that or someone is getting $$ under the table to escalate something that is really nothing special.

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Trojans Prevent Viruses
by Sphinx on Mon 29th May 2006 22:53 UTC
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Condom manufacturer claims prior use.

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