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OS/2 and eComStation The third issue of the quarterly OS2eCS eZine has been released. In this issue: covering the updated JFS/LVM and Lucide; writing NetRexx programs using Java Swing; using the AMD Geode CPU to run OS/2 and eComStation; using a D-Link DFE-690TXD Fast Ethernet cardbus card with eComStation; and more.
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eCS not dead
by Brmbolec on Sun 2nd Jul 2006 21:18 UTC
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eCS and OS/2 is still not dead but I would like to see more applications being developed. What's bad they charge for OpenOffice port, but it's good that application like Pixel is being developed for eCS.
Pixel image editor -

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v RE: eCS not dead
by maxx_730 on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 11:28 UTC in reply to "eCS not dead"
Useless comment
by Marco Ravich on Sun 2nd Jul 2006 23:25 UTC
Marco Ravich
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Wrong naming ?
eCSOS/2 would be better to me (in italian sounds like ex-OS/2) ;)

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Ahh Greeeaatt
by flywheel on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 07:48 UTC
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Ahhh great

That Lucide viewer sounds very promising..

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by Mads on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 13:34 UTC
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Out of polite interest and repesct for such a mature OS, I have some questions;

What is this OS being used for these days?
What does it offer over exisiting OS's?
Who would buy this OS now?
What are the developers long term objectives for such an OS?


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RE: Interested?
by Cliffdaddy on Tue 4th Jul 2006 16:25 UTC in reply to "Interested?"
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"What is this OS being used for these days?"

When OS/2 was first released, IBM had intention to sell it for home use and business use. Due to poor marketing and MS tricks IBM dropped OS/2 as a home system. Since the late 1990s IBM had sold OS/2 as a business OS, for use on small Servers and workstation Clients. IBM sold AIX for large Servers. Here is a link to a list of companies that used OS/2.

Businesses are slow to change, though some on this list have probably changed to a different OS, many would not change until they found something better.Change costs. I like eCS for Web Surfing.

What does it offer over existing OSs?

You have to be specific. eCS will have Pros and Cons when compared with other OSs. It depends on what is important to you. eCS uses a Mach based micro-kernel. The SMP version appears to distribute resources better than the SMP kernel in XP Pro or the SMP kernel in Ubuntu 6.0.6 . Here is a link to a comparison of eCS 1.1 with some other OSs.

Currently eCS is at version 1.2, version 2.0 is in beta now.

"who would buy this OS now?"

Most people who use eCS/OS/2 are college degree professionals (IT personal, Engineers, Scientists, etc.)

"What are the developers long term objectives for such an OS?"

"Serenity Systems International was founded in 1998 with a focus on server managed workstations. Over the years the company has extended support for IBM OS/2 users and worked with services channel partners to develop server managed client solutions. Serenity Systems Ingternational is an ISV and software OEM which publishes eComStation and believes the virtual machine technology will be an indespensable component of the computing environment, allowing users independence from vendor strategies."


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RE[2]: Interested?
by Mads on Thu 6th Jul 2006 11:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Interested?"
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Thanks for the response. very interesting.

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