Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 11th Aug 2002 06:16 UTC
General Unix Sams Publishing sent us in "UNIX Unleashed", Fourth Edition, by Robin Anderson and Andy Johnston. Read further, for our review of this very interesting 1150-page book.
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Just what I need.
by Will on Sun 11th Aug 2002 07:15 UTC

Pity funds are tight;)
I seen a second hand copy of the third edition, and I realise theres possibly alot of new info in the current edition, but do you know if it covers most of what you mentioned?



RE: Just what I need.
by Eugenia on Sun 11th Aug 2002 07:18 UTC

I do not have the Third Edition, so I do not know about the changes made since then. I recommend you either get to Amazon and check the whole listing of chapters and then compare with the third edition, or you buy the Fourth Edition altogether. ;)

v one word..
by Brunis on Sun 11th Aug 2002 11:12 UTC
by Maverick on Sun 11th Aug 2002 17:11 UTC

I would think that a book entitled UNIX Unleashed would cover the major System V flavors as well as BSD. My list would include HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, and BSD. If the book is so heavily slanted toward Solaris and Linux, I would have come up with a new title for the book something more descriptive of the books content. Linux and Solaris Unleashed perhaps? Just some thoughts.

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UU 4 != UU3
by Robin Anderson on Mon 12th Aug 2002 03:20 UTC

For those wondering, the Fourth edition of UU is *all* new content. So getting UU3 will not get you anything that is in the edition reviewed here.


RE: UU 4 != UU3
by Will on Mon 12th Aug 2002 11:05 UTC

Thank you.


RE: UU 4 != UU3
by vlad on Mon 12th Aug 2002 13:30 UTC

Hope so.
I remember looking on some "Unix unleashed" book, don't remember edition (it was about 4 years ago) - it was a big disapointment. So far "... unleashed" books are on the bottom of my list - I have yet to see a good one. Usually they are big, pretending to cover it all but I've seen enough incorrect statements there to trust the content.
When you look on "... unleashed" think about "Dog unleashed" - it runs away, mates with whatever it find, gets some fleas and you need to get lots of time and effort to bring it back under control. That's what may happen with your Unix box if your sysadmin uses this book.
I'd recommend "Unix System Administrator handbook" by gang of 4 instead.