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.NET (dotGNU too) The preliminary beta release of the Gardens Point Ruby.NET compiler is out. The Queensland University of Technology crew responsible for the software notes that it is a true .NET compiler. It is beta, but the team notes that it "is the only Ruby compiler that we know of for either the .NET or JVM platforms that is able to pass all 871 tests in the samples/test.rb installation test suite of Ruby 1.8.2."
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This and rails could do sparks....
by werfu on Wed 9th Aug 2006 17:33 UTC
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Imagine this and Rails! This could do some serious job.

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by fretinator on Wed 9th Aug 2006 17:45 UTC
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They have a .NET runtime error they are not trapping, so all you see is the classic .NET crash screen. As an ASP.NET developer, I find that immensely funny. Always trap errors (try/catch), and a include a Custom Error Page (think "OSNews" janitor, which I haven't seen in a while!) as a fall back.

I was referring to this link:

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This is great news for me at least
by iarann on Wed 9th Aug 2006 17:46 UTC
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I am learning Ruby, but first forte into programming since QBasic, and before that TRS-80 Basic, so for me this is a big deal. I was hoping to move from Ruby to C# so I could take advantage of the .NET platform, now it sounds like that transition will either be easier for me, or possibly in the future unnecesary. This, like IronPython, could also be a way to get some people who don't like scpripting languages to be willing to give them a shot. Ruby is great for a first language, and it's amazing to see how easy it is to program in. Anything that spreads acceptance, like Rails, is great news.

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Don't forget
by Lambda on Wed 9th Aug 2006 19:45 UTC
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Anything that spreads acceptance, like Rails, is great news.

That this is just a Ruby compiler and that all those libraries aren't really there yet. Don't get me wrong, this is cool stuff, but you won't be running Rails on it anytime soon.

I believe IronPython actually has a much more complete implementation of the language libraries, but I haven't really played with that yet either.

Check out Boo ( for a Python like language specifically designed for .NET and Nemerle ( for functional/OO hybrid specifically designed .NET

Both use static type inference, have AST macros, and have much more of an "agile" feel than Java and C#.

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