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Intel A spike in PC demand has created a new shortage of Intel chipsets, potentially reviving an issue blamed for causing the company to lose market share to rival AMD last year. Demand for new PCs spiked after the two microprocessor makers slashed prices for desktop chips in late July, but the sharp rise in purchases has caused component makers to scramble to keep up, said Sunny Han, director of marketing at Asustek, the world's largest motherboard maker.
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Could be...
by cyclops on Mon 21st Aug 2006 15:23 UTC
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That they are not playing catch up to AMD anymore.

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by happycamper on Mon 21st Aug 2006 15:49 UTC
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Motherboards are the printed circuit boards inside every PC that connect its microprocessor, chipset, other components and peripherals.

Chipsets control the flow of data between the microprocessor and other chips in a PC, and they have to be made for specific microprocessors. A chipset made for an Intel system, for example, cannot be used in an AMD system.

LOL...I did not know that.

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by Mitarai on Mon 21st Aug 2006 16:47 UTC
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The reason could be the new demand for mactels aso.

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by netpython on Mon 21st Aug 2006 18:45 UTC
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The reason could be the new demand for mactels aso.

I don't think so.

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Fish Anyone?
by Vorlath on Mon 21st Aug 2006 19:37 UTC
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This really smells. If you have high demand, this usually means you have money coming in. I know some will say that this is complex hardware to produce, but each industry has its ability to ramp up production. Otherwise, it's just bad business. Either way, if they can't ramp up production, they're in dire straights. And if they're not making money, even worse.

I can understand this happening once. But after that??? Hmmm... maybe they'll need those managers back.

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RE: Fish Anyone?
by nick on Tue 22nd Aug 2006 02:20 UTC in reply to "Fish Anyone?"
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Can't ramp production? Intel has, hands down, the most
advanced process tech in the industry and the largest
production capacity. They probably fab their chipsets at
the same feature size as what everyone else is doing for
their flagship CPUs (ie. 90nm).

This situation will be due to something else. Could be
artificial, in order to try to clear their junk P4 stock;
could be distribution or allocation problems; or it
could be on the demand side, eg if motherboard makers
overestimate demand.

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RE: Fish Anyone?
by corentin on Tue 22nd Aug 2006 08:27 UTC in reply to "Fish Anyone?"
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> [...] but each industry has its ability to ramp up production.

Yes; up to a certain peak throughput.

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