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Amiga & AROS As Amiga Inc is about to re-enter the computer arena with new AmigaOS4 powered desktop systems as well as with 3rd party embedded products utilizing AmigaDE technology pre-installed, there are a growing number of people who wonder what an advanced classic AmigaOS currently offers. This was an important reason for me to write a simple to understand WinUAE tutorial, so this would hopefully help interested people with setting up a fun and easy to use emulated AmigaOS environment on widely available mainstream Windows computers. This article also includes many WinUAE screenshots and information on acquiring and using freely available software.
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But selling two rival products under one brand name doesn't sound too good to me. If Gateway really believed there were profit in Amiga in the modern world, they would go for it. But the problem with Gateway is that they want to have one foot in and one foot out. They want to be a big profitable OEMs, and the same time want to beat Microsoft and make even more money. I think they make their own choice.

Come on, if you were selling something.... say rubber, to a tyre company. Then that tyre company bought another rubber company and decide to sell both under their brand name. Would you want that?

I wouldn't.

by Chip on Mon 19th Aug 2002 07:54 UTC

Gateway is now just the past...

Well Gateway cannot be expected to kill off 99% of their business, so I don't blame them for killing off their Amiga adventure instead.

I do however think that Microsoft's monopoly over the computing market is far too tight. The fact that they can bully around with another multi-billion dollar giant IMO shows that something needs to done for a healthy computing market to return.

by Zenja on Mon 19th Aug 2002 08:18 UTC

You know Mike, you only need WinXX to run WinUAE. You can run UAE on almost any platform under the sun (even BeOS). I personally dont care about OS4.x, but DE sounds promising (but there is hardly any public activity in DE land).

Re: Gateway?
by Mike Bouma on Mon 19th Aug 2002 08:30 UTC

> Gateway is now just the past...

Agreed, the Amiga community is stronger without Gateway they are dependent on established OS monopolies.

A similar thing happened to a lesser extend when Commodore bought the Amiga company. Amiga employees were frustrated with all the (mis)management decisions made by the Commodore top because they thought they could make an easy buck with PC clone hardware, eventually killing them in the process, this despite huge PC clone marketing compaigns (almost ignoring their very profitable Amiga branch).

Amiga kicks %&§$!
by Udo on Mon 19th Aug 2002 09:40 UTC

Great article! Mike only forgot the Factor 5 Games, like Turrican and R-Type which are freely available. ( ) I was a Amigamaniac once too, and i recently aquired Amithlon. Maybe i will dump my linux box ;) Some links in this article are very useful! THANKS!

Factor5 Games
by Udo on Mon 19th Aug 2002 09:42 UTC You dont want to miss Turrican!! Best Game ever!

Very Good Article
by Brian Matzon on Mon 19th Aug 2002 10:31 UTC

Very nice read!
I use WinUAE myself, and I am really pleased that you opted for using AIAB. It really is *much* easier to use this packagee, and then configure AmigaOS from there.

Ahh Megalomania - what an awesome game. Can't really tell why - the graphics are butt ugly by todays standars - but the gameplay...

multiple platforms
by stew on Mon 19th Aug 2002 12:28 UTC

One should note that WinUAE is not the only UAE version - it is available for a lot of platforms, inlcuding Linux, MacOS 9 and X, BeOS and even AmigaOS(!).

Great article!!
by Satish on Mon 19th Aug 2002 12:40 UTC

Great article and perfect timing with the things heating up in the Amiga lovers World!! loved reading it...

Shadow of the Beast!!!!!!!!
by Charlie on Mon 19th Aug 2002 12:59 UTC

WHAT a game. I don't think I was ever wowed as much by another game... though Half Life came close.

Thanks, I guess, but...
by Sodom on Mon 19th Aug 2002 13:36 UTC

Good article on the actual subject, emulation, although the advertising in the beginning was quite an embarrassing let-down.

"As Amiga Inc is about to re-enter the computer arena..."

Amiga Inc is not about to re-enter any arena, it's a new company.
They're also not entering the computer arena. It's a software and licensing company.
Is this an article by an independent writer on OSNews, or a corporate press release?

"...with new AmigaOS4 powered desktop systems..."

Amiga Inc has nothing to do with hardware, let alone desktop systems, other than licensing the trademarks they bought to third party hardware vendors (OSNews readers might already have heard about the so-called "AmigaOne": a PPC motherboard relabelled "AmigaOne" and redistributed by a trademark licensee, the U.K. company Eyetech.) Neither is AmigaOS actually Amiga Inc's own project, it was taken over by the German-Belgian company Hyperion late last year.

"...3rd party embedded products utilizing AmigaDE technology..."

So far the "AmigaDE" is just a future concept. What's installed or can be downloaded to those devices is what was previously known as the "AmigeDE-player", then "AmigaAnywhere" and now renamed again to "AACE" (Amiga Anywhere Content Engine). It's basically a repackaged Tao Elate VP engine with some slight additional functionality, allowing the customer to play little games on his PDA or cell phone.

Amiga is dead, long live AmigaOS!
(And Amiga emulation! ;-) )

Nice article!
by Mr. Cancelled on Mon 19th Aug 2002 13:46 UTC

It's been awhile since I've seen a readable article on the status of Amiga emulation. So many get bogged down in details and cryptic abreviations that they lose me fast (Come on... It's been a long time since I stayed up 24/7 w/my little Amiga 500. I've lost those brain cells years ago).

Nice to see someone giving me a reason to boot up my Fellowship emulator. 8)=

On a related note, has anyone noticed the total silence from the Amiga community regarding Motorolas lack of a PPC desktop chip in their future plans? I see Apple's scrambling to come up with viable alternatives (Hammer or IBM PPC seems to be the two major contenders), but nothing out of the old Amiga camp regarding their upcoming plans and hardware.

On an unreleated note... is it me, or have the popup ads on gotten rather annoying recently. It seems I'm constantly having to close out a popup just to read an article here. Hmm...

Great work Mike

You have excelled yourself again and also provided some very positive "feature" advertising for Amiga.

I have just tonight ordered my copy of AmigaForever 5 and will give it a go.


by Kevin Craik on Mon 19th Aug 2002 14:09 UTC

Mike, if I was running Amiga Forever or AIAB how hard would it be to upgrade to OS3.5/3.9? I tried these products before but couldn't stand them. Also, when OS4 is released will it work with UAE? I suspect not.

I agree with Mike
by Paul Gallant on Mon 19th Aug 2002 14:29 UTC

For us older folks ( I mean 28+ ). I remember
when I could walk into a software store and
there would be 4 seperate sections of the store.
1 for IBM, 1 for Apple, 1 For Amiga, and 1 For Atari.
What!! we had a choice!!. Microsoft is killing
the progress of the computer industry.
No competition = No push to make any progress.
Why should Microsoft make anything good? They'll
just have to work harder to beat themself.

Mike, your still sprending propaganda for Amino
by dammy on Mon 19th Aug 2002 15:10 UTC

Mike, I was hoping to read a nonfluff piece from you, but I see I was sadly mistaken. You can't help yourself from spreading propaganda for Amino (oweners of the current Amiga trademark, and little else as Gateway still owns the IP), even in a Windows UAE story.

Let's take a look at your article. "Amiga Inc is about to re-enter the computer arena with new AmigaOS4 powered desktop systems.." Is Amiga Inc doing this? No, HYPErion is producing the OS4 (or as I like to note it as HYPEOS4) under license from Amino. Amino has provide NO MONEY for developement. New hardware is being produced by Eyetech, and once again, Amino has provided NO MONEY for R&D nor production. All Amino is doing, is gaining any royality from sales for issuing a license of it's Boing stickers and not spending a dime on hardware/software. So how can you say the above Mike? Why are you not being fully honest and giving all the known facts to the readers, Mike? Oh that's right, your one of those rabid "Amiga Inc" supporters who thinks he can sweep the bad news under the rug an no one is going to notice.

Mike, how can anyone believe any future article(s) of yours?


God article!
by Vidar on Mon 19th Aug 2002 15:48 UTC

Great article Mike!

a company can sell 2 architecture
by AlienSoldier on Mon 19th Aug 2002 16:28 UTC

commodore sold a line of PC computer at one tim, especially in europe.

One of those commodore PC got immortalised in the movie Crapatchouk in the scene of the train ticket buying.

by Bunny on Mon 19th Aug 2002 16:40 UTC

What does the release of OS4 have to do with WinUAE? OS4 is crippled by being available for only obscure and expensive PowerPC hardware, therefore OS4 is completely irrelevant to WinUAE... and just about everyone in the known universe.

Emulating OS3.9
by Kevin Craik on Mon 19th Aug 2002 17:28 UTC

I posted something here hours ago but it's not shown up. Oh I go again.

Mike, if I install Amiga Forever or AIAB, how hard would it be to upgrade to OS3.9?

by bug on Mon 19th Aug 2002 17:45 UTC

I have to say, I really didn't like the screenshots of Amiga OS 4 that were shown a while back, but the first screenshot in this article, Amiga in a Box, looks really really nice!

silly I know..
by ~Seedy~ on Mon 19th Aug 2002 18:04 UTC

But did anyone wonder what would have happened if John Luis Gasseé had sold the Be OS to Amiga instead of Palm?

Bit of a tidy-up of the GUI, (to make it look like the kind of eye-cringeing mess that amiga users love), API Wrappers for Classic Amiga compatibility ( or perhaps a Classic Layer A La the OSX that BeOS nearly became ), and some drivers to support G3 chipsets and wahay... Wouldnt that be cool?

( Will BeOS 5 PPC run on an AmigaOne? )

by CattBeMac on Mon 19th Aug 2002 19:22 UTC

When are those AmigaOnes with OS4 coming?

Brings back old times...
by Nicholas Blachford on Mon 19th Aug 2002 20:10 UTC

This article reminded me I had actually bought AmigaForever many eons ago but haven't used it in a long long time.

So, inspired I went off and installed it again along with the latest UAE, I had one tried to upgrade the version of UAE AmigaForever used but could never figure out how, things must have gotton easier since 1998 as all I did is point UAE to the ROM files and my Amiga dirs and it worked fine. I was even able to get my old audio stuff working. Those were the days...

BTW, it's not really covered much here at OSNews but there is a "replacement" AmigaOS called AROS, looks like it is coming along nicely:

by Mike Bouma on Mon 19th Aug 2002 21:58 UTC

In Comment 4 Zenja wrote:

> You know Mike, you only need WinXX to run WinUAE. You
> can run UAE on almost any platform under the sun (even
> BeOS).

Yes I know and I did state that in this article as well. "WinUAE is the Win32 version of the multi-platform Amiga emulator UAE. "

Re: Mike
by Mike Bouma on Mon 19th Aug 2002 22:07 UTC

Kevin Craik wrote in comment 15:

> Mike, if I was running Amiga Forever or AIAB how hard
> would it be to upgrade to OS3.5/3.9?

You wouldn't run into many problems. But if you do fail then here are some useful tips:

> Also, when OS4 is released will it work with UAE? I
> suspect not.

Correct, AmigaOS4 is a *PPC* native port of AmigaOS 3.9 with lots of additional enhancements. So for AmigaOS4 you would need to buy an AmigaOne compatible computer or upgrade a classic Amiga computer with a PPC accelerator card. The latter would be less satisfying and far more expensive.

> Is Amiga Inc doing this? No, HYPErion is producing the
> OS4 (or as I like to note it as HYPEOS4) under license
> from Amino.

Grow up Dammy there exists no Animo anymore, they are called Amiga Inc. And yes Hyperion is producing AmigaOS4 under contracts with Amiga Inc, so what?

Amiga Inc needs to concentrate on AmigaDE development (actually the Amiga Inc investors require this from Amiga Inc) themselves and are sharing source codes with Hyperion. Later the AmigaDE will be fully integrated into AmigaOS4.x

Again grow up, the OS is called AmigaOS4.

Why do need to trol my articles over and over again? Seriously get a life!

Re: Irrelevant...
by Mike Bouma on Mon 19th Aug 2002 22:23 UTC

Bunny wrote in comment 20:

> What does the release of OS4 have to do with WinUAE?

I am just trying to help some people who requested more information on setting up an easy to use AmigaOS emulation environment (and are interested in the new AmigaOS).

As the same AHI, VisualPrefs, Picasso96, etc people are among the AmigaOS4 development team this emulation solution gives a reasonable preview with regard to some aspects of the new AmigaOS.

Re: Screenshots
by Mike Bouma on Mon 19th Aug 2002 22:31 UTC

Bug wrote in comment 22:

> I have to say, I really didn't like the screenshots of
> Amiga OS 4 that were shown a while back, but the first
> screenshot in this article, Amiga in a Box, looks really
> really nice!

The AmigaOS4 screenshots until now are mainly meant to demonstrate the customization freedom and other integrated functionalities. The screenshots do not show the standard AmigaOS4 look! However what is being shown is that AmigaOS4 can fully be customized if you don't like the standardly provided environment.

To get an idea of how flexible the classic AmigaOS is take a look at the following screengrabs from various AmigaOS users:

Re: Mike...
by Mike Bouma on Mon 19th Aug 2002 22:43 UTC

CattBeMac wrote in comment 24:

> When are those AmigaOnes with OS4 coming?

The only public comments made by the AmigaOS4 team with regard to a release date this year is that they are confident that they will deliver us AmigaOS4 before the end of the year. You should be able to get an AmigaOne for underneath your christmas tree. ;)

AmigaOS4 for classic 68k/PPC hybrid Amiga computers may be released prior to the AmigaOS4/AmigaOne release, but that would depend on Amiga Inc's market approach, it may be smarter to release them simultaniously.

Gone for a week
by Mike Bouma on Mon 19th Aug 2002 22:47 UTC

If you have any more questions they will remain un-answered as I will soon be going on a business trip. I will be back next Monday. Thanks for your understanding. ;)

UAE is nice but
by rain on Tue 20th Aug 2002 03:12 UTC

I haven't used UAE since I found Amithlon. Simply because UAE crawls on a 400MHz machine while Amithlon flies!
Even though everythings not working perfectly with Amithlon, it's really worth it because of the speed. It's just great.
It's not keeping me away from BeOS for too long though ;)

I agree with Dammy 100%
by mahen on Tue 20th Aug 2002 17:06 UTC

Mike, I totally agree with Dammy :

1) amiga inc just gets the most out of their IP, out
of the name they bought, and do nothing for the amiga
(the amiga being the classic amiga evolution, I don't
care about an Tao's intent...).

2) you don't refer to morphos and the pegasos
amiga brand: it's definitely a great sucessor of AmigaOS,
rewritten from scratch, and still 100% amiga OS like and
amiga compatible. Really great product, which you can buy
now, made by long time amiga developers (like amiga os 4),
but the project was initiated years ago, while OS 4 is
far from being usable (and a waste of time)

My question is :

why so much loyalty about a company which is just ... a
name... (and whose boss has never had an Amiga IIRC)

- Clearly you are not objective at all -

Only my humble opinion though ;)
Anyway, I know I can't convince you, just like any

by friend on Wed 21st Aug 2002 06:14 UTC

Great article Mike!

Really, get a life!
AmigaInc wants to go via the PPC route with their OS, no matter what you say. If you do not like AmigaOS, there are plenty of alternatives for you, no need to be childish and bash everything what Mike says.

I'm tired of seeing MoprhOS promoted as AmigaOS. It's only a OS that imitates AmigaOS and tries to capture Amiga's fame.
Ofcourse you do not care about AmigaDE as it will deliver content to AmigaSO4.x and not for MorphOS.
And stop spreading lies!
(pegasos and morphos are not available for users)

Very useful article
by Peter on Fri 23rd Aug 2002 14:34 UTC

Thanks alot this article has proven to be really useful for me!

More free games - Digital Illusions
by Peter B on Fri 23rd Aug 2002 23:20 UTC

Didn't see it here so I just want to inform You that Digital Illusions great pinball games are available for free:

by Neil on Sat 24th Aug 2002 12:15 UTC

Peter B. You can get Slam Tilt Pinball - AGA from as well. This is my favorite Pinball game for the Amiga. However I don't know if you can it to work with (Win)UAE.