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BSD and Darwin derivatives "Sysjail is a userland virtualisation system for OSs supporting the systrace library. It runs on OpenBSD, NetBSD and MirOS. The first generation of sysjail is as close to a drop-in replacement for FreeBSD's jail subsystem as reasonably possible. While sysjail currently behaves as a NetBSD/OpenBSD/MirOS implementation of jail, it also provides additonal auditing and resource-limiting utilities."
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Great idea
by libray on Tue 29th Aug 2006 17:33 UTC
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I'll have to check it out on NetBSD i386. Already, work with xen has meant the porting of netbsd kerneld as dom0 as well as domU. But for small applications, a systrace based jail may be able to get the job done plus I like the system control and logging it provides.

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