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Multimedia, AV Rockbox is a replacement firmware for various audio players, that opens up new features and fixes devices shortcomings. We don't think of these devices as personal computers, but they are; and Rockbox is an alternative operating system. This review focuses on Rockbox as a replacement "OS" for the iRiver player.
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by Makro on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:09 UTC
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Ugly or what?

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RE: Rockbox
by cyrilleberger on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:19 UTC in reply to "Rockbox"
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the default theme is, but the rest of the screenshots with the "desert theme" are nice and not visualy clutered, leaving a lot of room to display information. Everything is not about graphisms, anyway. And the point of rockbox is not to have the best good looking firmware, but to add a lot of features that the original firmware doesn't have. I used on my old archos, and what they have achieved is quiet amazing.

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For those who have used it ...
by WorknMan on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:12 UTC
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I skimmed through the article, and noticed that they have added iPod support since the last time I looked at it. Does mean that I'd be able to use the iPod as a UMS device? If this is the case, and since Rockbox has bookmarks (for audiobooks), that would make the iPod much more attractive to me ;)

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RE: For those who have used it ...
by kwanbis on Fri 1st Sep 2006 19:49 UTC in reply to "For those who have used it ..."
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yes, that is the number 1 reason i use it on my Nano.

The main complain i have so far, is that they change the way the clickwheel works.

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by yanik on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:47 UTC
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I had rockbox on my ipod nano. It was pretty slick, looking very good with some third party skins. The controls were a bit annoying tho. It would skip on certain high bitrate MP3. The battery lasted about half the time it did with the original firmware.

Still, once I installed it, I never went back. You can also have Doom on rockbox, just like on ipodlinux. 1337!

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RE: nano
by Wintermute on Fri 1st Sep 2006 23:00 UTC in reply to "nano"
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You can have Doom, sort of, but its not that easy to play cause of the low resolution. The controls can get annoying (at least on my iRiver) and if you play for long periods your eyes start to hurt (cause of the small screen).

I would really call it playable.

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by Mitarai on Fri 1st Sep 2006 17:35 UTC
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It comes to my mind that this would not be possible if the iPod had a DRM firmware in its hardware.

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by Ronald Vos on Fri 1st Sep 2006 22:59 UTC
Ronald Vos
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Is batterylife on all models shorter? Because this definitely interests me...if I don't lose half the playingtime.

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