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SGI and IRIX SGI is ready to become emergent all over again. A judge has okayed the company's reorganization plan, paving the way for it to come out of bankruptcy protection in October. The 'new' SGI will be a trimmed down version of its former self with just 1600 staff. In addition, it will have a new board of directors to complement new CEO Dennis McKenna. With so much newness on its side, SGI expects to reach profitability in fiscal 2007.
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Best of luck SGI
by mrcool on Wed 20th Sep 2006 20:09 UTC
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May people be able to enjoy your pretty purple boxes once again!

(that doesn't sound quite right :x)

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RE: Best of luck SGI
by jjmckay on Wed 20th Sep 2006 22:23 UTC in reply to "Best of luck SGI"
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Maybe they'll come with purple pills too? Seriously though, seems to me the high end 3d workstation market that SGI filled years ago is no longer so necessary. A cheap pc can do the same, only better, now.

I see on their home page they are marketing for things like celular simulations and HIV molecules. Okay that's really cool stuff but seems pretty niche to me. Either way I hope SGI sticks around. Good luck SGI.

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RE[2]: Best of luck SGI
by kaiwai on Thu 21st Sep 2006 10:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Best of luck SGI"
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True; they need to pull finger; am I the *only* person who see's potential in SGI embracing OpenSolaris, working with Sun, and releasing a 512 way Itanium Monster running OpenSolaris and Oracle? how about the same machiner running SAP or Websphere.

The possibilities are infinate, the sad part is, they've hell bent on this 'niche with Linux' stratergy; it didn't work the first time and I doubt it'll work the second time around.

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A nice addition for Apple?
by bousozoku on Thu 21st Sep 2006 18:28 UTC
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I'd hate to see SGI go. They've done too much for the workstation market. Unfortunately, they extended themselves too far.

If they were to merge with Apple, they'd have a better chance because Apple's financial group is the strongest of all computer companies.

They'd both gain in the sharing of UNIX technologies and Apple would benefit from high performance computing and SGI would benefit in ease of use.

Apple has been searching markets where SGI has already been and their combination would end up with a product line from inexpensive desktop to supercomputer.

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