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OSNews, Generic OSes After a couple of months of serious work, Visopsys 0.64 has been released. There are only a handful of new, user-visible features (including right-click context menus and 32-bit .bmp/.ico support). The real focus of this release has been stability, quality, and debugging, plus large scale GUI re-engineering. In addition, graphics mode now works under Bochs 2.3 (as well as Qemu and VmWare). Downloads here and changelog here.
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Neat hobby OS
by ferrels on Wed 25th Oct 2006 16:59 UTC
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I actually like the retro-Windows 95 look. Some of the File and Folder icons look like they may have been borrowed from AROS.

I think this OS has a lot of potential if it ever gets a functional USB and TCP/IP stack. Of course it'll need driver support for the major video card and NIC manufacturers as well. But it's still an impressive effort when you consider it's just one guy doing the work.

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RE: Neat hobby OS
by alcibiades on Wed 25th Oct 2006 18:59 UTC in reply to "Neat hobby OS"
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Yes, its absolutely amazing that the guy has done it. I wish more people would know about it and realise what an incredible achievement it is. Never mind if it has any use in practice, its wonderful. Wish him well!

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