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NetBSD NetBSD 3.0.2 and 3.1 have been released simultaneously. NetBSD 3.0.2 is a critical/security-only update for NetBSD 3.0, while NetBSD 3.1 brings much broader fixes and improvements, including: Xen3 domU support, LFS stability improvements, Postfix 2.2.11, BIND 9.3.2, msdosfs write optimization, addition of scan_ffs/scan_lfs tools, driver updates, and many, many other bug fixes and enhancements. Binaries and ISO's for both releases are available via FTP and BitTorrent.
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Great work!
by jeraklo on Sat 4th Nov 2006 23:41 UTC
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Keep it going !!

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by KenJackson on Sat 4th Nov 2006 23:51 UTC
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The NetBSD 3.1 release contains complete binary releases for 48 different machine types, and support for six more machine architectures in source form.

This is the most amazing thing about NetBSD. Distilling out the hardware-specific code to the point of supporting over 50 different architectures demonstrates true skill in coding and organizing.

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RE: Amazing
by ghen on Sun 5th Nov 2006 22:36 UTC in reply to "Amazing"
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The numbers in the original release announcement are wrong (they've been corrected now), there are actually binary releases for 53 architectures + 4 more in source-only form.

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