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FreeBSD The upcoming release of FreeBSD 6.2 includes the new Security Event Auditing system, that "permits the selective and fine-grained logging of security-relevant system events for the purposes of post-mortem analysis, intrusion detection, and run-time monitoring analysis." Federico Biancuzzi interviewed Robert Watson, founder of the TrustedBSD project, and discussed the advantages and potential it brings. Elsewhere, SCTP has been added to FreeBSD. Stream Control Transmission Protocol is a reliable message oriented transport protocol which provides network fault tolerance.
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FreeBSD seems to be back on track
by djangoxl on Sat 11th Nov 2006 20:47 UTC
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Every release gets better and bette and I'm afraid if they continue like this, they will wipe out all other contenders for the best OS ever:-)

This is a feature (Auditing) I would like to put in production on my server with confidential data.

Especially the fact that I could pipe this log to another machine would be helpfull.

But I'm really paranoid as I'm currently evaluating gbde and geli but that's another matter.

Anyhow, this brings another dimension to this all and I can't wait to play with it and try it out when 6.2 comes out

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Doc Pain Member since:

"Anyhow, this brings another dimension to this all and I can't wait to play with it and try it out when 6.2 comes out"

Me too. Seems to be a good idea to put on our server that hold confidental data and reports on our patients, currently running FreeBSD 6.1. Would be nice to see who tries. :-)

FreeBSD is one of my favourite and most used OSes this time, right next to Solaris and IRIX. It really can be compared to the power and consistency of commercial UNIXes. Keep on running, litte daemon! =^_^=

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Upgrade time
by JamesTRexx on Sun 12th Nov 2006 12:35 UTC
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Although using newly released software isn't the smartest thing to do, these features will make me upgrade my firewall at home after the final release.
I'll just have to check every day for security alerts. :-)

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by nullpt on Sun 12th Nov 2006 13:48 UTC
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Heh, paranoids will have a new toy to play around ;)

Its nice to see beatufiull features coming out of trustedbsd project!

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Good Systems
by DrAk0 on Sun 12th Nov 2006 21:03 UTC
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Good systems releases good features, as always we can expect useful tools for a better administration keeping stuff clear, fast, easy and _secure_, good job FreeBSD team, keep it up.

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