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ReactOS Apart from a new newsletter, ReactOS has also published its sixth interview with one of the developers. Art Yerkes, born in Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1974. He's been involved with ReactOS since 2002 and contributed primarily to the keyboard code in win32k and the network code. Lately much of the work has been networking related, as well as slowly giving birth to a PowerPC architecture port.
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Well rounded interview..
by hhcv on Fri 29th Dec 2006 09:20 UTC
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Actually quite an entertaining read.. Bit of technical mixed in with politics and general group dynamics.

I have often thought that ReactOS was moving a bit slowly, but it must be one mammoth task!

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RE: Well rounded interview..
by Valhalla on Fri 29th Dec 2006 12:10 UTC in reply to "Well rounded interview.."
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yes, this was the best interview so far in my opinion. despite being one of the Reactos developers he came off as very objective.

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"A needed reality check"
by KenJackson on Fri 29th Dec 2006 19:09 UTC
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If it sounds far fetched to say that the EULA for microsoft operating systems has recently been fairly draconian then you haven't been reading closely. There are disturbing aspects to the availability and use of information collected by operating system software. ReactOS and free/open source software provide a needed reality check that keeps commercial software vendors from acting as an oligarchy with regard to limiting user freedom and taking more liberties with users' private information.

This guy nailed an important issue.

Like most people, I either don't read EULAs or just skim them. But anytime I look close I'm dismayed and concerned by what I'm agreeing to.

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What is now with the lost people?
by theuserbl on Sat 30th Dec 2006 16:34 UTC
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In the Interview:

> Do you ever wish there were just more developers?
> Sure. I miss royce and gvg a lot.

Do anybody know, what Royce and GvG now do?
I think, GvG planed to change to the WINE-project. But in the last CVS-commitments its name isn't there. So it seems, that he is also with this unhappy. It seems ROS was the only project they have worked on.

So, do anybody know, what the people who have lost ROS now do?

Isn't it possible for them to create a new Windows-clone, if they think that the ROS-auditing isn't good enough?
I also don't like it, that the people who have left ROS do no loger work on a Windows-replacement.

If they would working together to create a new project, then we would have still the power of them.

And if GvG & Co are right, that the ROS audit isn't good enough, than we would have a second OS with the same goal.

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