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RISC OS "There still seems to be plenty of interest in building shared-source RISC OS for the Risc PC, but there is much confusion about what would be involved in doing so. First, understand that this is not top priority for ROOL - ROOL's policy is that it's more important to focus on releasing all the components needed to do an Iyonix ROM and disc build first. Only after this will the remaining components be vetted for release, although those components that relate to Risc PC hardware support are probably good candidates to be the next on the list."
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by unoengborg on Tue 30th Jan 2007 21:36 UTC
First ON-TOPIC Post...
by madcrow on Tue 30th Jan 2007 22:59 UTC
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One wonders what the RISC OS people's stance on using free builds of RISC OS as the basis of fee-free RISC PC emulation... Actually the possibility of that could be one reason why they're policy is currently "Iyonix code only"

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Fee-free emulation
by thegman on Tue 30th Jan 2007 23:52 UTC
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At the moment, we do not know the full nature of the licence, so we'll need to wait and see, however, Castle have said that basically, if someone makes money out of RISC OS, they'll want a licence fee. So I guess that means if you use the commerical RISC OS emulator, then they'll get some money, if you use one of the free ones, they likely will not get any money. But then, they were not getting any money out of that anyway.

As far as I know, there will be no legal barrier to making RISC OS 5 run on the RiscPC, or any other ARM hardware, and by extension, ARM hardware emulators.

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