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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "With Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft set a skilled handyman to work on the creakier joists of its mobile operating system, but stopped well short of a gut renovation. The new OS is really more of an honorable Version 5.5 than a true 6 - an accumulation of new, useful features that doesn't disturb the operating system's underpinnings or solve some of its deeper problems."
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by broken_symlink on Sun 11th Feb 2007 16:41 UTC
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don't agree
by Eugenia on Sun 11th Feb 2007 18:20 UTC
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The inclusion of the SIP support alone, plus true independant resolution support, does it for me.

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RE: don't agree
by Jesuspower on Mon 12th Feb 2007 03:41 UTC in reply to "don't agree"
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Not every OS change has to be something radically new. People thought XP was a radically new version of Windows. Besides, resolution independance really is enough to have a new Windows Mobile.

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by malkia on Mon 12th Feb 2007 06:37 UTC
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How about no more limitation of 32 processes (itls 32768 now)?

How about 2GB virtual space vs. only 32Mb now...

And many other things...

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How about some software upgrades
by olivier on Mon 12th Feb 2007 12:45 UTC
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There is something which drives me nuts with PocketPCs is the near instant obsolescence of the software.
Of course POcketPCs are not upgradeable on the HW front and I understand that.
However all of the devices I've had came with deal breaking bugs. And none of the hardware vendors offer updates to their software.

The article mentions that Microsoft will make these updates available for WM5 users but I can tell you straight away that +90% of the devices out there won't see it because the manufacturers would rather sell new pieces of hardware rather than proper software.

This is true of all devices out there, mobile phones inclusive.
Maybe Apple's iPhone will give these guys a kick in the pants and push them to offer som better software.

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by REM2000 on Mon 12th Feb 2007 13:48 UTC
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I think it would have made more sense to call this WM5 R2. The features such as more than 32 proc was long overdue, how many smartphone owners found they could ru any more apps after their provider had preloaded phone utils and apps. On the other hand there really doesn't seem to be that much added, just some tweaks here and there. My biggest worry is if this is gonna filter down to existing users of WM5. Currently its up to the providers, which usually don't bother in an attempt to get you to replace the whole device. with the power these new devices have its a shame they will be disgarded. It would be nice if microsoft could offer a framework which would make new WM releases more accessible.

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