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RISC OS "In this article we look at some of the programs and projects - some obvious, others less so - that influenced the history of the RISC OS platform and its users. These are our suggestions, not a top ten and certainly not in any particular order. What other applications would you add to the list?"
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get in there
by nexie on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 20:39 UTC
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what's RISC OS? why use RISC OS? who uses RISC OS? what's the point when i have this bloatware CISC over heating piece of junk between my legs.

All RISC OS users must be idiots for not wanting to use linux and windows, bit like OSX users! ha ha ha!

Sorry, i am a RISC OS user and devloper ( cough ) just thought i'd get these comments out the way before some other troll comes along.

i like trolls, they taste like chicken.

ok, i'll shut up now, RISC OS is a blumin state of afairs, but if you want to get stuff done when it comes to publishing, i reccomend it strongly.

photodesk ( bitmaps ) Artworks ( vector ) Impression ( dtp ) and the freeware image convertors and you got something that rips any mac or pc setup anyday, only you like your i'm a lazy ass plugins dont you girls ;-)

EDIT: i forgot !paint, Acorn's built in bitmap program, amazingly simply crap so crap it's bloody mazing at doing what you want, that's what RISC OS is about, getting stuff done, not mashing up over over complicated nastyness. Just dont expect any exploding bells and whistles.

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by MatzeB on Sat 24th Mar 2007 17:40 UTC
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Very interesting to read about this (old?) system which I have never seen in reality. But it looks like it influenced todays GUIs and programs quiet a bit...

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