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AMD "AMD recently disclosed a few details regarding their upcoming mobile platform technologies, codenamed 'Griffin' and 'Puma'. We've been given some preliminary information regarding these plans and thought we'd share a few of the more salient details with you here. The 'Griffin' codename pertains to an upcoming mobile processor that incorporates a number of features designed specifically for the mobile segment, with the intention of increasing performance and battery life. And 'Puma' is the name given to the new platform as a whole."
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Hurry up AMD!
by siimo on Fri 18th May 2007 23:11 UTC
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Finally some competition to the highly successful Centrino / Centrino Duo platform!

I can't wait.

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RE: Hurry up AMD!
by Flatland_Spider on Sun 20th May 2007 01:52 UTC in reply to "Hurry up AMD!"
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I like AMD, but Centrino laptops have always been more attractive and better supported in the FOSS OSes community. Now with their open drivers and a committed laptop platform, I can start to look at them again.

Hopefully we'll see some nice thin laptops with high res displays. ;)

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Looks good
by Henrik on Sat 19th May 2007 00:51 UTC
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However, as lostcircuits wrote, "...starting with the Venice core, AMD has delivered outstanding performance per Watt." Check out the diagram at

for example - the Venice core is more than two years old, and Winchester is even older!

Still, it's refreshing to see how AMD now suddenly takes energy consumption more seriously, adding easy-to-use (transparent) hardware features involving the whole system, instead of passively relying solely on their (fairly advanced) AMD-IBM manufacturing processes (SOI, strained silicon, etc) and CnQ.

Hopefully, we will soon see some active marketing regarding energy efficiency as well, letting the average customer know AMD is as good as, or even better than, Intel on this.

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Good for us
by osgeek on Sat 19th May 2007 10:52 UTC
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Good for us consumers if they can give tough competition to other vendors.

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