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General Development This article demonstrates the art of using powerful Eclipse wizardtry that that automates the creation of classes, interfaces, projects, other resources. Eclipse wizards are a great way to define repeatable templates for file types when the built-in template functionality won't suffice. After working through the information, you will be able to implement your own speed wizards in Eclipse to create enhanced functionality very quickly.
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by _mikk on Mon 18th Jun 2007 22:23 UTC
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Thanks for posting

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[OT] OSNews Getting Thin On News
by jayson.knight on Mon 18th Jun 2007 23:15 UTC
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Four news stories today, two the day before, and two the day before that? I used to check OSNews a few times a day, but at this rate it'll be down to 2-3 times a week. I like the days of 10+ as it provides enough content so that at least 1-2 articles appeal to a good cross section of folks.

Also (and I'm not complaining about this, just an observation) the last 8 or so articles I've submitted have all been declined. So I'm inclined to think that OSNews declining articles + less content == a change in OSNews' basic m.o. for publishing content? What gives?

I'm a long time OSNews reader, but if the lack of content continues (less content = less discussions, which is what most of us are here for anyways) then OSNews will go from a daily must read to a weekend 'scan the headlines' type site for me.

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

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rayiner Member since:

:: visualizes jayson.knight sitting there hitting refresh ::

Yeah, I do it to. Shh! Don't tell anyone!

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by jasutton on Tue 19th Jun 2007 00:01 UTC
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After reading the headline, I thought the article was about speeding up eclipse. ;)

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RE: shoot...
by _mikk on Tue 19th Jun 2007 00:47 UTC in reply to "shoot..."
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The article was about speeding up development on eclipse...

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Wizards in General Suck
by hackus on Tue 19th Jun 2007 13:38 UTC
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I don't know about you guys, but the wizards in most IDE's eventually cause too much pain to be of any long term use.

In the past, some of my gigs have been undoing the damage that a build an enterprise by "wizards" engineering effort can cause.

Part of that problem is that most of these wizards in a lot of tools I see are machine generated code, that is not well thought out or is used in obviously "lazy" ways.

One possible exception I see is for building GUI's. GUI's are an exception as the framework can be fairly well defined around the functional representation of a "widget". (Button, scroll bar...etc.).

But using widgets for like building http get request objects, databases..etc is applying generalities to operations on data that is too general to begin with.
(i.e. a database ooperation is way to generalized to be put into a framework.)

More often than not, these "wizards" cause big performance problems. These problems are compounded because the machine wrote the code, so attempting to fix them much later on can be a big job.

Not that I am complaining, it is a great source of income! A lot of companies try to generalize application development in the wrong areas, so I get a nice income by helping them fix all the problems this kind of view on software development brings to the table.

So please, wizardize everything, then call me.



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