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Syllable, AtheOS Kristian Van Der Vliet ported libusb to Syllable, which gives applications direct access to USB devices. Libusb will allow Syllable to support devices such as scanners, digital cameras and digital audio players. The SANE scanner package has already been ported. Kernel support for libusb has already been checked into CVS and Builder packages for libusb, SANE and libgphoto2 will follow shortly. Also, there are new ports of Bochs (screenshot) and DOSBox (screenshot). More screenshots here.
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by thjayo on Sun 29th Jul 2007 19:59 UTC
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It's really great to see such an "underdog" as Syllable making large improvements on the support and application areas, the areas that matters to a user.

Congratulations Vanders and fellows!

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by Jondice on Mon 30th Jul 2007 04:21 UTC
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Syllable is looking promising enough that I know I'll end up trying it out as soon as I have time.

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Looking good...
by madcrow on Mon 30th Jul 2007 21:41 UTC
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With this in place, maybe we can now start work on building some nice Photography programs for Syllable!

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RE: Looking good...
by predictor on Tue 31st Jul 2007 06:50 UTC in reply to "Looking good..."
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Big fat KUDOS.

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Looking Very Good
by Jett on Tue 31st Jul 2007 09:42 UTC
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Had a look on there site....
found an interesting tidbit in a forum post:

Factoid: "Syllable - Increasing year-over-year development activity" from

From such a small development team they must had decided to give up sleep ;)

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RE: Looking Very Good
by Vanders on Tue 31st Jul 2007 13:08 UTC in reply to "Looking Very Good"
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These days we try to work smarter, not harder. Looks like it's working!

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silly me...
by KLU9 on Thu 2nd Aug 2007 00:16 UTC
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Am I the only one getting Vanders, Vasper & Varner mixed up? ;)

Well, keep up the good work all three of you, I'm looking forward to a 1.0 of Syllable and Haiku.

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