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GTK+ The release 2.8 of GPE is complete and available for download. The new release comes with a large number of bugfixes and improvements such as an improved calendar, many fixed import/export and synchronisation issues as well as support for Maemo in additional components like Starling (the new audio player) and gpe-filemanager.
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I have it not clear in my mind what GPE is
by csasso on Wed 8th Aug 2007 05:59 UTC
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I have it not clear in my mind what GPE is: how it relates to the GNOME project and how it differs, what are the companies that contribute to it et cetera. An interview to the development team would help too.

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sukru Member since:

I have it not clear in my mind what GPE is

GPE is an embedded programming environment. It comes with many application that can be used on PDAs, cell phones and alike.

While GNOME is the GTK based alternative to KDE, GPE is the embedded counterpart (as an alternative to QPE, which is licensed under QPL). Their main differences are (aside from the license): QPE is C++ based while GPE is C and GPE uses full X11 while QPE is based on framebuffer display. Both of them are mature now (yet QPE is now replaced with newer alternatives from trolltech).

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csasso Member since:

Thank you for your answer sukru.

So the situation is:

Is it possible to hack on GPE using a PC, ie without having a PDA?
(I'm not saying it makes sense, just curious to know whether one like me could start contributing coding and testing just his Linux box)


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christooss Member since:

>> Is it possible to hack on GPE using a PC, ie without having a PDA?

For now there are few vmware images ready to run. Find it on the page.

I think GPE 2.8 will soon be avalible as vmware image. If its not already ;)

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univac Member since:

of course, it's easy

emerge matchbox
you must install matchbox-nest by hand, Xoo or Xnest

download latest gpe svn branch, url on

build something from gpe tree
export ld path and pkgconfig

export DISPLAY=:1
and run gpe-*
enjoy ;)

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yanik Member since:

or scratchbox

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Morty Member since:

QPE, which is licensed under QPL

QPE and it's replacement Qtopia are both GPLv2.0, as are the comunity add-on/distribution Opie.

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Doesn't Fix Lousy Subscription Support
by jonhohle on Wed 8th Aug 2007 16:16 UTC
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i like how GPE Calendar totally ditches a calendar when it gets iCal attributes it doesn't recognize from subscribed calendar. oh wait, no, i don't like that at all.

why can't maemo get a decent calendaring app? (i know, i know, scratch your own itch...)

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What is it again?
by shapeshifter on Wed 8th Aug 2007 22:18 UTC
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ok, it's embeded programming environment.
And that's it?
What's needed to run the applications made by it?
The project has no documentation and no information about hardware and so on.
What hardware is supported?

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