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FreeBSD "This report covers FreeBSD related projects between July and October 2007. The sixth EuroBSDCon was held in Denmark in September. The Google Summer of Code project came to a close and lots of participants are working getting their code merged back into FreeBSD. The bugs in the FreeBSD HEAD branch are being shaked out and it is being prepared for the FreeBSD 7 branching."
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Macbook (pro) patches
by Chezz on Wed 10th Oct 2007 23:09 UTC
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I like the fact that they have added macbook pro patches to support Backlight control, Touchpad, SMC driver, IR receiver, Bluetooth (hid2hci), and intel's CPU power controls. I am just waiting for the patches to be merged into CVS.

I cannot wait for FreeBSD 7 ;)

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by jackson on Thu 11th Oct 2007 03:27 UTC
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I am loving -CURRENT right now, especially with the ULE scheduler. I know FreeBSD as a desktop system is not for everybody, and I won't pretend that it is, but for me, it rocks. The FreeBSD GNOME team has also done an outstanding job with GNOME 2.18 and their upcoming release of GNOME 2.20.

Great work, FreeBSD devs!

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by vermaden on Thu 11th Oct 2007 04:35 UTC
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more comfortable link from main FreeBSD website:

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by tingo on Sat 13th Oct 2007 17:37 UTC
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BTW, EuroBSDCon was a blast. You shouls have been there. :-)

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