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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris An update on the status of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring development, including the publication of the release schedule and the technical specifications for this release. Highlights include PulseAudio, a switch to the fork of RPM that SUSE and Fedora are using, a parental control tool, mail import support for the Windows migration tool introduced in 2008, and automatic repository configuration via geoip.
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I still see this company name and think...
by bryanv on Fri 7th Dec 2007 17:43 UTC
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man dribble.

Is there something wrong with me? :-p

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Man driver
by danboid on Sat 8th Dec 2007 10:15 UTC
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It says for me, like 'slave driver'.

Although I think Mandriva is the easiest and certainly one the leading, most advanced Linux distros available I have always been freaked out by the amount of occult symbology surrounding their products (anyone for some Mandrake?)- check out the artwork for 2008- its hinting that they want Mandriva to become integrated into the human genome, part of out DNA or something like that

"In a few years you'll be running Mandriva INTERNALLY"

is what its saying their intent is to me!

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RE: Man driver
by giraffe on Sun 9th Dec 2007 00:16 UTC in reply to "Man driver"
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I have always been freaked out by the amount of occult symbology surrounding their products (anyone for some Mandrake?)

Mandrake 7.1 was the first Linux distro I ever used. AFAIK, the name "Mandrake" and the artwork that accompanied it had more to do with Mandrake The Magician, a classic comic strip from the '40s, than the occult.

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mandriva installer.
by hussam on Sat 8th Dec 2007 11:08 UTC
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I'm waiting till they release a version of mandriva who's installer allows me to use luks encryption to encrypt my /home partition. After that, I will try mandriva again.

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Mandrake is one of the easiest to use linux distros. Has the best laid out Control center also. I use it and think it and opensuse are best linux distros.
The style, looks, and name, are very unprofessional, looks like it was designed for kids. Too cartoonish and playful looking. Fixing this would improve popularity. Also, a tool like ubuntu and opensuse have for easy install of things like prop codecs, plugins, and other non-free programs. Take the example also of PCLinuxOS in how to make a great mandriva live cd.

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arctic Member since:

Style, as you might know, is a matter of taste. Some find that design A looks great, while others prefer design B. It has always been that way and will remain like that. I don't see anything wrong with that. That said, imho, other distros look worse than Mandriva.

The name... well, it is just as ridiculous as PCLinuxOS or Ubuntu or Suse or debian or sidux or knoppix or ... you get the idea.

About the codecs: Mandriva ships with more codecs than e.g. Ubuntu or Fedora by default. I don't see anything wrong here. And enabling the repos with the non-free stuff is a three click procedure that can be done by anyone. I don't really know what you are complaining about...

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