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Windows Statistics are fun, aren't they? Contradictions all over the place. "Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system is proving far less popular with new PC buyers than Windows XP did during XP's first year on the market, if statements by company chairman Bill Gates at this week's Consumer Electronics Show are any measure."
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more proof..
by Nossie on Tue 8th Jan 2008 22:56 UTC
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here too....

read the comment at the bottom (not mine btw) .... People keep saying they are downgrading, they are all over the net.... whether they are doing what they are saying or not... that's a different matter

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RE: more proof..
by rockwell on Tue 8th Jan 2008 23:12 UTC in reply to "more proof.."
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2005-09-13 isn't exactly pro-Microsoft...

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RE[2]: more proof..
by Nossie on Tue 8th Jan 2008 23:35 UTC in reply to "RE: more proof.."
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I could say the same regarding both Linux and OSX..

cynical bunch of bastards really lol... and that was linked to another information week article pretty much saying the same thing:

Btw only recently has the inq warmed up to Linux, they've been describing it as a hobby horse OS for years.

And 'jobs mob' OSX is just a frenzy for the fanbois...

Maybe they are pro OS/2 warp?

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RE[2]: more proof..
by Nossie on Wed 9th Jan 2008 10:13 UTC in reply to "RE: more proof.."
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Happy now?
Apple will sort out EU

Jobs confident he can cut a deal

By Nick Farrell: Wednesday, 09 January 2008, 9:19 AM

TOYMAKER Steve Jobs thinks he will have the European Commission agreeing with him over charges that iTunes breaks EU rules.

The row is over the fact that Jobs thinks it is fair that punters in Blighty to pay more for their music than other EU countries.

So far no one is saying what the deal involves. It is unlikely that Jobs will admit that he was wrong to treat any of his customers badly and it is equally unlikley that the EU will let him disobey one of the foundation stones of its existence.

Despite that, the people who comment on the ballet of the powers that be seem to think a deal is close.

The wheels have turned slowly. It all dates to 2005, when Which? complained that iItunes stores in France and Germany charged 99 euro cents ($US1.45), while Britons must pay 79 pence ($US1.56), instead of letting all Europeans buy at one store.

No one has commented officially, but we are expecting an announcement any day now.

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by anomie on Wed 9th Jan 2008 00:31 UTC
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The news lied to me. (At some point or another.)

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Comment by Almafeta
by Almafeta on Wed 9th Jan 2008 07:01 UTC
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Ironic how the statistics show that Vista is both the fastest-adopted operating system of them all, and the least-used operating system of them all.

There are three sorts of lies: lies, d****d lies, and statistics.

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RE: Comment by Almafeta
by Soulbender on Wed 9th Jan 2008 08:40 UTC in reply to "Comment by Almafeta"
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As any statistics teacher worth his salts will tell you; statistics is a great tool to prove your point, no matter what it is.

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v So Vista is competing with XP...
by tomcat on Fri 11th Jan 2008 02:58 UTC