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RISC OS "RISC OS Open and Castle have today published a new batch of RISC OS source code on the website for everyone to get their grubby mitts on. This third installment of code comes after the first load of software blueprints were released in May and a second barrage in October, last year. The latest batch includes the messy insides of the RISC OS 5 USB system, various low-level hardware-related modules and a library for applications that use networks and the Internet." There's also a new Firefox release for RISC OS.
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No comments?
by memson on Mon 25th Feb 2008 09:19 UTC
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Okay, I used RISCOS 2 extensively at College. It was the defacto programming environment for my A-Level in Computing. I liked it a lot in 1992. However, the lack of comments on this story really does speak volumes about the current attitude to RISCOS. No one really cares outside of the micro-culture that remains. This should be a really exciting news item - it means that a fairly bog standard and expected technology is now open to future development, outside of closed source. Somehow it feels more like a "...and?" moment.

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No need to comment
by Martin H Hansen on Mon 25th Feb 2008 14:45 UTC
Martin H Hansen
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Well, I didn't feel the need to comment until I read the previous.
This is the third release of RISC OS source code and as such it's just letting folks know that RISC OS OPEN are conrinuing to steadily deliver on their mission to make much of the RISC OS 5 sources available.
I took it to be a "for your information" item rather than something designed to provoke large numbers of comments.
RISC OS is inching forward, this coming in the same week as an updated release of FireFox for the platform.
Martin H Hansen

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