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by judgen on Tue 26th Feb 2008 18:14 UTC
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Bloody hillarious.

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by Sean Parsons on Tue 26th Feb 2008 18:19 UTC
Sean Parsons
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I've got to admit that is pretty damn funny, despite the fact I'm using GNOME right now.



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That was great.
by vimh on Tue 26th Feb 2008 18:22 UTC
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So true
by ManWithCamera on Tue 26th Feb 2008 18:31 UTC
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You're improving, Thom. I thought this one was funny (and I actually think I understood it, too!)

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Let me see...
by fretinator on Tue 26th Feb 2008 22:34 UTC
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The Travelocity Doll + a tool. Hmmmm...they need to use the tool called Travelocity. I understand, the XFCE folks need to get out more, travel to conventions, make themselves know. I get it!!

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RE: Let me see...
by Moochman on Tue 26th Feb 2008 22:50 UTC in reply to "Let me see..."
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Funny, I thought it was the gnome from Amelie.

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RE[2]: Let me see...
by Javert on Wed 27th Feb 2008 00:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Let me see..."
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I've always assumed that the Travelocity Gnome and the one from Amilie were one and the same.

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Not bad!
by Morgan on Wed 27th Feb 2008 02:25 UTC
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Though I personally don't agree with the answer proposed by the comic, I must say that it was pretty damn hilarious! It seems as if you're getting more comfortable with the comic stuff. Keep up the good work, Thom!

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Sorry, not funny
by Lobotomik on Wed 27th Feb 2008 14:54 UTC
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I did get it, and tried to find something positive to say about it, but for the life of me I don't find it even remotely funny. Maybe I actually didn't get it!

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I disagree.
by toogreen on Wed 27th Feb 2008 15:09 UTC
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What's so wrong about just plain Gnome really? Ok perhaps Gnome+Thunar could rock better, possibly... But what does XFCE have to with it all? I do not see Gnome and Xfce as the same thing at all. Don't get me wrong, I do love XFCE and that's what I use on my EeePC cuz it's lightweight and all. But that's the whole point! It's lightweight! That's why we need it as it is. If you replace it with Gnome then what's left of XFCE?? How can it become #1 If it's gone already? I don't get it.

IMHO, we do need both as different entities. Gnome on the powerful desktop (with Thunar, if you wish), and XFCE on lower specs devices.

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RE: I disagree.
by Morgan on Wed 27th Feb 2008 19:31 UTC in reply to "I disagree."
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Or, as I have done in the past, use Xfce as a direct replacement for GNOME on a fast system. My reason is thus: Modern GNOME on an old or slow system is nearly unbearable. Xfce on such a system is useable and therefore popular. On new, fast hardware, GNOME is decent and should remain the default DE. Xfce on that new hardware is absolutely blazingly fast and should be an option at install. This means increased productivity and less fatigue should the user choose to go with it, while maintaining support for GNOME and KDE apps.

I, too, think Xfce is just fine where it is, there's no need for GNOME to go away at all. I would prefer Xfce to stay third place and keep its lightweight but powerful soul, while benefitting from the wonderful apps that make up the GNOME environment.

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i don't get it
by fjleon on Sat 1st Mar 2008 18:20 UTC
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maybe that's because english is not my primary language.

A gnome, similar looking to the half life 2 gnome plus a hammer... can someone explain?

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RE: i don't get it
by dhave on Sat 1st Mar 2008 18:46 UTC in reply to "i don't get it"
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Gnome - popular desktop environment
Hammer - used to smash Gnome

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