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by Pro-Competition on Thu 6th Mar 2008 20:53 UTC
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This is one of the funniest comics yet! I wish I'd thought of it myself.

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by aldeck on Thu 6th Mar 2008 21:00 UTC
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hehe funny! reminds me of the "please wait while updating your updater" dialog (anyone url?).

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RE: nice
by Kroc on Fri 7th Mar 2008 07:46 UTC in reply to "nice"
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RE[2]: nice
by Andre on Fri 7th Mar 2008 13:58 UTC in reply to "RE: nice"
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Makes me thing about the error message:

"Error: Error message not found"

(edit typo)

Edited 2008-03-07 13:58 UTC

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RE[3]: nice
by biffuz on Fri 7th Mar 2008 18:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: nice"
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"An error occured: No error."

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RE[4]: nice
by AlexandreAM on Sat 8th Mar 2008 17:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: nice"
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Or the pt_BR quote from Windows 2K that translates into something like that: "This application could not be started be cause the workstation is turned off."

I think this one was the most funny error message I ever got..

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RE[3]: nice
by StephenBeDoper on Sun 9th Mar 2008 22:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: nice"
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"Unable to import Internet Account settings file because: an error has occurred." (courtesy of Outlook Express)

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RE: nice
by sbergman27 on Sat 8th Mar 2008 19:28 UTC in reply to "nice"
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Still doesn't beat the old BIOS classic: "Keyboard not found. Press F1 to contunue..."

And nothing will *ever* beat Gnome's masterpiece. You know, the dialog box that pops up and says:

"Error: Success!"

with an "OK" button underneath. :-0

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Recursive rethinking the progess
by Doc Pain on Thu 6th Mar 2008 22:05 UTC
Doc Pain
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The picture can be extended as follows:

------------- Downloading -------------
Operation in progress:
(#####_______________) 25%

Don't mind the progress bar above, it may not have any predictive worth. The bar will be updated soon.

Re-evaluating progress bar:
(##########__________) 50%

Please wait while the program is searching for a new method to re-evaluare the calculation for the operation's progress bar... (insert dancing elephant here).


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Good job, Thom
by ManWithCamera on Thu 6th Mar 2008 23:22 UTC
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I really like this one.
Keep it up.

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by gotten09 on Fri 7th Mar 2008 17:32 UTC
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yeah, funny as hell, hehehe

well, lets see what they come up with

i do remember the time where progress bar stopped meaning anything and they just helped you be more patient while a 4 hours install...

or, anyone remembers those programs where the progress bar goes back and forth several times?


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RE: nice
by Ikshaar on Fri 7th Mar 2008 20:57 UTC in reply to "nice"
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Windows (even vista if I recall correctly) still has those that keepp restarting from the beginning... over and over. I laugh the first time I saw that at the logic behind it.

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RE: nice
by Andre on Fri 7th Mar 2008 21:52 UTC in reply to "nice"
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I once had a progress bar that went over 100%

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Good job
by Laurence on Mon 10th Mar 2008 19:51 UTC
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This is the first one I've laughed at thus far.

You're definitely better at drawing dialog-box's than shut doors ;-)

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