Linked by Thom Holwerda on Fri 21st Mar 2008 20:13 UTC, submitted by RJop
Linux "Newly available open source software could significantly increase Linux's utility in industrial computing applications. The Xenomai/SOLO project aims to provide VxWorks and other RTOS emulation in user-space on most any Linux kernel, and to deliver short, bounded application latency on kernels with built-in real-time capabilities."
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by Tanner on Mon 24th Mar 2008 22:59 UTC
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Why does such news never have comments?

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Version, development
by GavHSS on Tue 25th Mar 2008 14:29 UTC
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I took a look at the VxWorks readme, where they list the differences between VxWorks and this conversion layer. However a crucial bit of info is missing - the VxWorks version that it relates to. VxWorks changes as it's improved, and so the API can change with it (more like new functions are added).

I would hope that this tool could also be used to allow for development of VxWorks applications before the target hardware and BSP are ready before they are seamlessly transferred over for testing and release. Since I don't do much application development, it's not so useful for me, but could well allow for porting away from Linux.

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Embedded Linux
by Treza on Wed 26th Mar 2008 10:59 UTC
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The impact of Linux on the embedded OS marketplace shall not be overlooked.

Traditional RTOS vendors (VxWorks, PSOS, Lynx,...) used to have per-copy licences at insane prices.

OSS software and particularly Linux changed all that, especially for low cost devices.

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