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MacOS ?
by flanque on Sat 29th Mar 2008 22:56 UTC
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MacOS security compromised?

Surely, you jest?

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by Kroc on Sat 29th Mar 2008 22:57 UTC
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Is this the 90's? (Where the fatter the box shot, the obviously better your product is) ;)

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Yup :D
by SoloDeveloper on Sun 30th Mar 2008 03:19 UTC
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wow, great, just great. I have a friend that is a rabid Mac Fangirl, and after I get through linking her the stories, i dont think she will speaking to me for a bit.

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RE: Yup :D
by Macrat on Sun 30th Mar 2008 05:35 UTC in reply to "Yup :D"
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Sounds like my kind of girl. What's her address? :-)

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by voidlogic on Sun 30th Mar 2008 06:27 UTC
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Maybe its just local to me, but all the best programmers I know use Linux or even Windows, academia excluded. I know a lot of n00bs that use OS X though- a lot. I would go so far as to say I know more really top notch hacks that use Solaris than OS X. What about you guys?

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RE: huh?
by Earl Colby pottinger on Sun 30th Mar 2008 16:24 UTC in reply to "huh?"
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It's you. I know a street where just about every business uses only Macs. The fact that most of them are print services, graphic artists and architects may have something to do with it.

But I have seen the type of work these people do, and if you came in claiming some other OS is better, they would just laugh, and a few may give you the chance to show them you duplicating a job.

Sorry but you will look a fool, an OS without the right tools is of no use to someone who needs to make a living with the machine.

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RE[2]: huh?
by de_wizze on Sun 30th Mar 2008 17:47 UTC in reply to "RE: huh?"
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And thats the whole source of much of the Mac's appeal. For the average use who has a set number of task and activity requirements, they have come to expect that it will either be doable by default with a reasonable level of ease or they can find a 'best of breed' application that they pay for and does just that. There is a GUI wizard for everything and the inner workings are so well abstracted away you could not just 'stumble' across 'advanced options' even if you knew where to look.

One may note these tend to be the more creative types who could care less about what it really takes to accomplish the task. They just know that when trying to do what ever, there seem to be more features that they would want that take less effort than the other to get going. Needless to say in the event the come across an activity that was not expected and is not commonly anticipated they just get stuck like ... "err .. that can't be done so don't ask"

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RE[2]: huh?
by voidlogic on Sun 30th Mar 2008 18:51 UTC in reply to "RE: huh?"
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You do realize I was talking about "hackers", not graphic artists.

[edit] P.S. Did the moderation system change? It used to be people where moderated down for being off topic or inappropriate? Is not now just disagreeing with them?

Edited 2008-03-30 18:58 UTC

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RE[3]: huh?
by Johann Chua on Mon 31st Mar 2008 11:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: huh?"
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Yeah, modding down is for disagreements now. The report button is for off-topic/offensive stuff.

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by haydenm on Mon 31st Mar 2008 03:43 UTC
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This one seems a bit lazy.

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Secret Info
by fretinator on Mon 31st Mar 2008 15:10 UTC
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With these latest "anti-Mac" revelations from Thom, I thought it was time that I let out his darker secrets. Despite his claims to use Macs, he really owns nothing more recent than a PII-233. He exlusively runs Slackware, believing that the .tgz package format is the bomb. In fact, his pastor is the Right Reverend Bob, and I know for a fact that his pastor at the church of the Subgenius has been known to make quite slanderous remarks about just about everything, including countries like the USA and MacWorld. More details are available at http://www.allabout....

Thought you should know!

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RE: Secret Info
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 31st Mar 2008 16:48 UTC in reply to "Secret Info"
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Oh those are not secrets. Microsoft pays my Aston Martin DB9, SCO my Alfa 8C Competizione, and my 56-room mansion here in The Netherlands is paid by IBM. I own three political parties thanks to the revenue of OSNews - and Linus owes me a favour.

In addition, at night, I run naked in the woods, screaming like a schoolgirl, burning iPods and MacBook Airs.

Common knowledge, dude.

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RE[2]: Secret Info
by fretinator on Mon 31st Mar 2008 17:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Secret Info"
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In addition, at night, I run naked in the woods, screaming like a schoolgirl, burning iPods and MacBook Airs.

One of my favorite Youtube videos, by the way. Do you work out?

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