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Hardware, Embedded Systems A article examines the latest in virtualization technology, and the hypervisor, a hardware execution layer contained in modern processors from AMD and Intel.
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Pretty light-weight
by joshv on Fri 18th Apr 2008 20:15 UTC
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That was pretty fluffy. "Visualization has hardware support these days, which I don't really quite understand, so I'll give you a really bad analogy".

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Regurgitated press release
by psychicist on Sun 20th Apr 2008 01:20 UTC in reply to "Pretty light-weight"
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That site has lost much of its credibility with me because they're systematically removing any mention of processor technologies that aren't x86.

For example, RickGeek had an article about modularity and I mentioned SoCs (system-on-chip) such as UltraSPARC T2 and the direction many RISC architectures such MIPS (Loongson 2G), ARM and PPC are taking.

Of course they removed those comments from the view of the world, because that would suit the wishes of their biggest sponsor Intel much better than stimulate some thorough discussions on the merits of various processor implementations. only publishes regurgitated Intel x86 press releases, so there isn't much left there for geeks and hackers that they couldn't find elsewhere such as on the RealWorld Tech forums.

I'm running GNU/Linux on all of these aformentioned architectures and do not have a significant bias towards any one of them.

Which is very unlike much of the press media that are not only heavily x86 biased (which isn't a problem for me) but in this case even denies the existence of anything that isn't x86, going as far as removing fairly and politely written comments from the world's view.

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RE: Regurgitated press release
by seefriek on Sun 20th Apr 2008 18:21 UTC in reply to "Regurgitated press release"
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Much worse than that. I posted a comment that pointed out the many errors in the article, including the fact the author couldn't even be bothered to understand that a hypervisor is a software layer, not the hardware support for that layer. They promptly deleted it; indeed, there are no comments posted to the article, and I doubt I was the only one who said "WTF?".

Incompetent, cowardly clowns...that means you in particular "RickGeek". If you can't be bothered to get the simple stuff right, quit writing.

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RE[2]: Regurgitated press release
by rexstuff on Tue 22nd Apr 2008 23:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Regurgitated press release"
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Agreed. This is a pretty lame article, and anyone who does not understand that a hypervisor is a software layer, not processor extensions should not be writing an article on virtualization. Ten seconds on wikipedia and anyone will know more than RickGeek.

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