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OSNews, Generic OSes Over the years, we've had many people ask if they could join a mailing list that would give them a digest of news from the OSNews site. Though we have made extensive use of RSS that makes it easy for RSS addicts to get their OSNews fix, a lot of people find it more convenient to be reminded of the latest topics by email. We've resisted so far only because we have always had other things higher on the priority list. But wait no more! We now have two lists: one for all OSNews postings, and one only for original feature articles. Currently, the mailing is set to be generated every night. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or requests for the new mailing list service, please post them in the comments. Signup for: Main List or Features-only List.
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News only?
by malxau on Fri 27th Jun 2008 07:15 UTC
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How about a list for "news only" (no features?)

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fyi - image missing
by Adurbe on Fri 27th Jun 2008 11:19 UTC
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An image is missing

osnews-bottomalign.jpg <-- incorrectly referenced

Just an fyi

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RE: fyi - image missing
by David on Fri 27th Jun 2008 16:25 UTC in reply to "fyi - image missing"
David Member since:

Where do you see the missing message?

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Podcast ...
by WorknMan on Fri 27th Jun 2008 16:35 UTC
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Does there exist anywhere like an hour-long, weekly podcast that covers the top stories of tech for that week? An email list is nice, but who wants to sit in front of their computer and read the news ? ;)

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RE: Podcast ...
by rhyder on Fri 27th Jun 2008 18:32 UTC in reply to "Podcast ..."
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2005-09-28 do something like this.

Unfortunately, I don't know if they're doing it anymore.

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RE: Podcast ...
by juvenile4909 on Sat 28th Jun 2008 07:17 UTC in reply to "Podcast ..."
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I have a handheld. I find joining mailing lists convenient for in between times that it's slow at my work. Not everyone is limited to viewing information on a desktop.

It's free.

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RE[2]: Podcast ...
by WorknMan on Mon 30th Jun 2008 00:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Podcast ..."
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True, but you can't read while driving or mowing the lawn. And if you can, you are most certainly a better man than I ;)

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