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OSNews, Generic OSes The Genode OS framework, the reference implementation of the Genode operating system architecture, has seen its first release. "Genode is a novel operating-system architecture that enables dynamic workload while retaining security and robustness. The fundamental difference of Genode compared to other OS architectures is its strict organizational structure, which allows the execution of sensitive applications with a trusted computing base of a few thousand lines of code beside high-complexity workload. With its organizational approach, the architecture facilitates a clean separation of policies and mechanisms, and enables the definition and application of system policies in a natural and distributed fashion." The Genode OS Framework runs on Linux via libSDL, or on real hardware on top of the L4/Fiasco microkernel.
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by Ladelburro on Fri 8th Aug 2008 22:34 UTC
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I guess they couldn't choose a better name, eh?

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RE: Name
by Ventajou on Sat 9th Aug 2008 00:50 UTC in reply to "Name"
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At least they didn't call it JNode, that would have been a dumb name...

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RE: Name
by Liquidator on Sat 9th Aug 2008 12:34 UTC in reply to "Name"
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i remamber
by stargater on Sat 9th Aug 2008 08:41 UTC
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So it a part of TUDOS


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Is it a micro-kernel OS?
by fithisux on Sat 9th Aug 2008 11:12 UTC
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Hi all in this thread I would ike to ask some questions

1. Is it a ukernel OS?
2. Is it posix compliant?
3. Are the drivers user space processes? (I do not care that much on performance)
4. Does it have some linux or bsd compatibility layer?
5. Is it supposed to be like Hurd do they share common code?

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RE: Is it a micro-kernel OS?
by sorpigal on Sat 9th Aug 2008 12:31 UTC in reply to "Is it a micro-kernel OS?"
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The answers are readily available:,

1: Yes
2: No
3: Yes
4: Sort of.
5: Not really and no.

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Mine eyes, mine eyes!
by ConsistentChaos on Sat 9th Aug 2008 22:39 UTC
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That is *twice* now that I've seen the title and read "Google OS Framework 8.08 Released".

Anyone else?

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by panzi on Sat 9th Aug 2008 23:22 UTC
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What has it to do with operating systems? How is it used by the Genode OS Framework?

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demo works nicely :)
by wannabe geek on Mon 11th Aug 2008 02:39 UTC
wannabe geek
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Hey, this is great. It has a GUI and all ;) .

For those interested, just checkout the svn as described, and then follow the instructions in:


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by krishna on Mon 11th Aug 2008 15:15 UTC
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Thanks for your questions. I started an FAQ page in our community wiki to answer them.

Edited 2008-08-11 15:16 UTC

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