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Hardware, Embedded Systems Our friends at, known for their cheap laptops offers, sent in one of the most popular netbooks around: the Asus Eee PC. The model is the 701 4G, with 512 MB RAM, and Windows XP in it. Read through for a review of the product.
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XP on that machine
by leos on Wed 17th Sep 2008 00:58 UTC
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I haven't had any problems with XP on the 701 (aside from hard drive space) but it does need more RAM. We put 2G in at work and it flies.

However if you don't upgrade the RAM you have to be a bit considerate of its limited capabilities. Just don't bother with AVG or windows defender. You don't need either of them if you're not routinely visiting shady sites or pirating software and the Eee (and any computer really) runs way better without them.

It's also funny that you choose XP because of the height of windows. Linux makes it dead simple to deal with oversized windows (ALT-Drag) while Windows is a pain in the ass (hacks like virtual res of 800x600 which don't always work like you say). Overall the 701 is way better suited to Linux. Leave XP for the more powerful mini notebooks..

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RE: XP on that machine
by Eugenia on Wed 17th Sep 2008 01:17 UTC in reply to "XP on that machine"
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I beg to differ regarding AV/anti-spyware. I sincerely believe that it's important to run these when on Windows, especially when connected to the net. A user can easily get infected SD cards or even mp3 players from friends -- let alone the internet spyware.

As for the height of the windows. While Linux might have a shortcut about this, it also has more apps that require the shortcut. On Windows, these [popular] apps that would require it are fewer. So it's a trade off.

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RE[2]: XP on that machine
by miscz on Wed 17th Sep 2008 01:34 UTC in reply to "RE: XP on that machine"
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I recommend ESET Smart Security (it's NOD32 with internet security tools) for older machines... and for modern ones too. It's very lightweight and still can deal with everything efficiently. In my experience it's usually using 30-40MB of RAM. It's not free like AVG though.

Using two different antimalware solutions is a bit too much for any computer IMHO.

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RE[3]: XP on that machine
by Eugenia on Wed 17th Sep 2008 01:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: XP on that machine"
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AVG Free does not do anti-spyware (only the paid version does), that's why Windows Defender is needed to complement AVG Free's anti-virus service. I wouldn't use both if there was a duplication in functionality. Before I installed Windows Defender I tried Lavasoft's Ad-Aware. This application did NOT execute on my Eee PC. It would die on load with a cryptic error message.

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RE[4]: XP on that machine
by ReactQ on Wed 17th Sep 2008 02:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: XP on that machine"
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AVG 8.0 has Anti-Spyware protection in the free version.

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RE[5]: XP on that machine
by Eugenia on Wed 17th Sep 2008 02:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: XP on that machine"
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It doesn't do the same job though. For example, on my main PC, Ad-Aware can remove threats and spyware that AVG ignores. Besides, Defender only eats up 30 MB of RAM.

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RE: XP on that machine
by avih on Wed 17th Sep 2008 03:41 UTC in reply to "XP on that machine"
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Regarding ALT-drag, Although Windows doesn't support it out of the box, you can choose one of these small utilities on Windows:

The latter also allows resizing with ALT + right/middle-mouse-button. Both GPL.

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by MamiyaOtaru on Wed 17th Sep 2008 02:56 UTC
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That shot of the iphone, psp and eee shows what I love about my 900. Like the 701 in the shot, it is matte. The other two devices in that shot are so incredibly smudged and covered with fingerprints thanks to their glossy finish. I am so annoyed that all of the eees with the Atom are now glossy ;) That matte finish looks so much better to me than how the psp and iphone look in that shot. Obviously not everyone feels that way (shiny!) but a choice would be nice. Why not white, black or matte?

"Besides, Defender only eats up 30 MB of RAM."

And we're cool with a background process using 8% of our RAM ;) I recently repaired a laptop I used years back when overseas with its stunning 16 MB or RAM. It's just how things change I guess.

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v Moving beyond OS News
by BillDill on Wed 17th Sep 2008 04:23 UTC
RE: Moving beyond OS News
by Eugenia on Wed 17th Sep 2008 04:39 UTC in reply to "Moving beyond OS News"
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I am left. This is my first article in two-three months. I only contribute when I have a review to write, I don't do daily work anymore.

Please keep the discussion on topic.

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by pistooli on Wed 17th Sep 2008 06:47 UTC
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as I used the versions 701, 900 and now the 901, I agree with most parts of the review... never used the Win version, though... I tend to believe that the primary use of a netbook is browsing, email and sometimes wordprocessing - on the road... the Linux version does all of these well (of course installing anything not in the standard repositories could be a pain for a novice user)

regarding the battery... as stated the 901 is not suffering from this "leak"... furthermore it offers over 5 hrs usage in Linux with wifi on and browsing (vs. 2-3 hrs in the 900) with the supplied standard battery which makes the little machine 901 shine over the competition...

strictly on topic: I got rid of my 701... the main factors for doing this where poor battery life, way too small screen for daily internet browsing and lack of support for my 3G stick...

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RE: versions
by zima on Wed 17th Sep 2008 12:36 UTC in reply to "versions"
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Is that with "Li-Ion 4 cell 4400 mAh" battery? (the only version available here...and if this battery gives Eee over 5h, it would be over 2 times better than any other here, which ship only with 3 cell battery)

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RE[2]: versions
by pistooli on Wed 17th Sep 2008 14:26 UTC in reply to "RE: versions"
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my 900 has been shipped with a a 4400 battery (2 hrs with wifi on), but the stock battery of the 901 is a 6600 mAh battery (5 hrs wifi on). I later purchased a Mugen 7800 mAh replacement battery for my EeePC 900 (4 hrs with wifi)...

these figures clearly show that the Intel Atom (in the 901) is a clear step forward for the usability of the EeePC...

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2005-07-06 Opera browser, with its, generally working good, "fit to width" function. And migh be better for other reasons too - bahaving more gracefully with slow cpu and low ram, or having keyboard shortcuts for almost every action.

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WinXP on this, why??
by toogreen on Wed 17th Sep 2008 13:56 UTC
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While I do respect the choice of WinXP on this, I still have a bit of a hard time understanding it. I mean, many of the shortcomings in this review could be avoided or at least they could be slightly improved by using the original Xandros, which is highly optimised for that device. I know you've said you're not interested at all by Xandros, but why not? Have you at least tried it?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really *crazy* about Xandros either! Actually to tell you the truth, when I got my 701, I remember that I also had decided right from the start I would install another OS on the machine. Being used to Ubuntu, I found Xandros to be very limiting and way too "basic" for me. The thing is however, after playing with EeeXubuntu installed on the SDHC for a while, I realized that all I ever do on this device is to read email, browse, video-talk with Napster, and do some Openoffice work. That's about it. That's when I realized that I could do all of that very easily with the original Xandros, and as a bonus It would boot in only about 10-14 seconds (which also solves the problem of the energy in sleep mode - just shut it down everytime, it boots so fast anyway!!). So in the end, to my own surprise, I've ended up using only Xandros most of the time! I still have my Ubuntu partition on the SDHC but I rarely use it, why wait for it to boot when I can have all i need ready in 10 seconds? Especially when you are on the road and in a rush, that's crucial to me.

Now I know you mentioned in a previous article that you wanted XP mostly to use Trillian with all the video features on all IMs. If that's really your primary use of this device, and If video on all IMs is of major importance to you, I can better understand. Otherwise If you are like me (and many others) and you only need to use the video feature once in a while, why not simply ask the people you want to video chat with to use Skype as well with you? Wouldn't it make life easier? Just an idea.

Once we face the fact that all we really do on a EeePC can be done easily with Xandros, then why not use it rather than complicate our life with huge desktop OSes?

Btw, although the ASUS Xandros is very limited indeed, It's also highly and easily hackable. If you need to add stuff like GIMP, Opera, Google Earth, Google Chrome, etc, these are easily installable either by adding a few depots or even easier, by installing the .deb files...!!

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RE: WinXP on this, why??
by B12 Simon on Wed 17th Sep 2008 14:55 UTC in reply to "WinXP on this, why??"
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The review makes clear that WinXP is less-than-ideal in various ways. I think this is as useful to prospective buyers than loading a better OS and reporting on what a success it all was.

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Comment by Snapper
by Snapper on Wed 17th Sep 2008 14:51 UTC
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I have an Eee PC 701. I think XP works fine on it when you slim it down using nLite.

I tried using Xandros but could not get the wireless working to connect using 802.1x using MS-Chap-V2. I fiddled with it for a solid day but never got it working. Not the fault of the device.

Anyway, I specifically bought this device so that I could test wireless connectivity (specifically, the way we have it implemented here at work). In this case, it is important to have a device using the same utilities for connectivity as the end users. It works perfectly for this and I am happy that the tech is actually doing the job I bought it for.

I guess my point is that regardless of how much everyone else seems to be in love with Linux and its variations, there is a place for XP on this device as well.

Suspend mode works perfectly also. Kind of surprising, so kudo's to Asus on the hardware/software combo and giving me the XP drivers that made it easy to select the OS of choice. Same cannot be said of Toshiba laptops.

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Comment by bornagainenguin
by bornagainenguin on Fri 19th Sep 2008 16:45 UTC
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Eugenia Loli-Queru trolled...

I don't mean to be negative. I really don't. I love these cute little machines. That's why I asked one for a review.

Horse-Apples! You know exactly what you're doing and calling this trolling is the nicest thing I could say about this laughable "article" of yours. If you really wanted to be positive or to ratify your love of these Netbooks you would have requested an EeePC 901 model instead of the 7xx and 900 models which are known to be broken when it comes to power management and suspending.

I'd have bought this tripe of an excuse if this review had been maybe five months ago or earlier--but to try to pull this off as a real review when its one of the oldest revisions is a joke... Shall we expect your upcoming review on Windows 3.11 next week? How about an expose on the follies of Apple entering the Mp3 player business?


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RE: Comment by bornagainenguin
by Eugenia on Fri 19th Sep 2008 20:04 UTC in reply to "Comment by bornagainenguin"
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Your little conspiracy theory is dead WRONG.

I did NOT know of the battery problem when I requested this model. I requested this model because it was cheaper of the 901 model that cost $550 at Geeks. Geeks CAN NOT send me products that are generally over $300. So I had no other option but to get EITHER this 4G model, OR the even worse one, the 2G one. Thankfully, they sent me the 4G one. I went to review this model with the BEST of the intentions! I WANTED a netbook anyway! I really wanted this to work!

Also, I can't request for review whatever the hell I want. So stop thinking that I do things on purpose. Why the hell would I want that???? Your comment makes no sense. Please stop ASSUMING things without knowing the whole story.

>but to try to pull this off as a real review when its one of the oldest revisions is a joke

You forget one important bit.'s business IS about older models. They don't have new models in their store, they are mostly carrying older stuff. And adding to that, I can only request products that generally cost no more than $250 to $300. So that's what I do.

Besides, this is no excuse for Asus for releasing such a shitty product -- and I am talking about the battery of course.

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