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Red Hat Red Hat has released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, the third update to the current stable version. "In the third update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, customers will receive a wide range of enhancements, including significantly increased virtualization scalability, expanded hardware platform support and incorporation of OpenJDK Java technologies. Customers with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription will receive the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 update, which is available for immediate download from Red Hat Network." More information including a short video explaining the new features via the subscription model is available here.
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as long as they fixed this i am happy
by poundsmack on Tue 20th Jan 2009 22:46 UTC
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Prior to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, the kernel modules
providing support for GFS2 were delivered separately. As of this
beta release, the GFS2 kernel modules are now delivered integral
to the kernel RPM. Due to Bug 465883, users who previously
installed the RPMs providing the GFS2 kernel modules will receive
an error when updating to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 beta
kernel. To avoid an error, prior to installing the new kernel,
manually remove the prior GFS2 kernel module RPMs. For example,
on i386:
# rpm -e kmod-gfs2.i686 kmod-gfs2-PAE.i686 kmod-gfs2-xen.i686

The upgrade then completes successfully. (sometimes)

that was really anoying when trying to upgrade. though i can say that a fresh install (done this morning) is awsome! and running like a dream

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package list
by xnoreq on Wed 21st Jan 2009 16:11 UTC
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Where can I find a package list (package names and versions) of packages shipped with this release?
Or is there a similar search like

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RE: package list
by TechGeek on Wed 21st Jan 2009 19:47 UTC in reply to "package list"
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Are you looking for changes made since 5.2 or just a general list list of features or an actual list of the rpms in RHEL?

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RE: package list
by Jimbo on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 03:08 UTC in reply to "package list"
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A list of packages updated in SP3 is here:

they're the packages dated 2009-01-20.

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