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Intel Sure, Intel's been raking it in with the Atom that is powering so many netbooks being sold in these economically challenged times, but now the chip company is hoping to take a cut of an even more mobile market-- that of MIDs, or mobile Internet devices.
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So far I am not impressed
by kragil on Wed 28th Jan 2009 09:13 UTC
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I had a look at the new Moblin release and it is an american quilt (as in patchy and cluttered).
Lots and lots of libs and XFCE4 as the destop .. hmmm .. I think with Qt 4.5 being LGPL most of the work should be scrapped and they should use Clutter on Qt and maybe even drop Clutter.
I know they have invested a lot in Gnome Mobile and Clutter, but if you look at features and productivity Qt beats the current solution IMNSHO.

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RE: So far I am not impressed
by puelocesar on Wed 28th Jan 2009 12:23 UTC in reply to "So far I am not impressed"
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I strongly agree with you about Qt4.5, but neve underestimate a developer pride.. Even if WidgetOnCanvas were 100 times better then Clutter I think they would prefer continue developing Clutter..

But I don't agree that Moblin is unimpressive. They are working hard on great things like (amazing) boot speed, and I think it's because Moblin that intel is investing so much in Xserver, with things like kernel-mode-setting, GEM, DRI2 and so on.

I recommend this video:

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Good luck...
by madcrow on Wed 28th Jan 2009 21:15 UTC
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While it would be amazing to see Intel develop x86 solutions suitable for the MID/super-smartphone market, I just can't help but think that ARM has developed much too much of a lead here. For Intel to have had an impact in this market, they would have had to have been smart enough not to sell off their StrongARM/XScale stuff.

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