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Amiga & AROS Stanislaw Sszymczyk accepted the AROS browser bounty last December, ten months after Robert Norris' work that provided a partially working Webkit port. Now, after just three months he delivers the first public beta of the AROS port of OWB.
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neat :)
by umccullough on Wed 25th Feb 2009 21:20 UTC
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On a recent thread about Haiku's webkit port - someone mentioned this project, and I didn't think to go check it out, but now that I read it, that actually seems like a good strategy for Haiku's webkit browser project as well...

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good choice
by poundsmack on Wed 25th Feb 2009 21:47 UTC
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MorphOS already has a working port, and its great!

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What? No applause for Apple?
by tyrione on Wed 25th Feb 2009 22:01 UTC
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I'm not feelin' the love for Apple's WebKit.

WebKit has reignited the battle of the Web Browser and given people who don't want to swallow Gecko a great alternative.

I'm glad more and more platforms are getting a port.

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RE: What? No applause for Apple?
by BluenoseJake on Wed 25th Feb 2009 22:09 UTC in reply to "What? No applause for Apple?"
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Funny how you mentioned Apple, and not KDE. If it wasn't for KHTML, there would be no webkit.

It's opensource, the project get's the kudos, not the upstream developers. All apple did was put some polish (heh) on KHTML.

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poundsmack Member since:

i hate to say it but Apple did a lot more than jsut polish. They added quite a bit more functionality as well. That being said, I personaly on not on the webkit bandwagon (though i do use the KHTML konqueror), I am also not a huge firefox fan either. I like Opera, but life is all about personal preference...

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Vanders Member since:

Apple did the hard work of decoupling KHTML from Qt & KDE, which is what makes WebKit so portable. Having worked on both the original KTHML port to AtheOS and the WebKit port for Syllable, the WebKit codebase is far, far easier to work with.

What's interesting is that Gecko was supposed to be the ultimate portable browser engine, but it ended up so bloated and with so many complex components that were required to be ported that it's pretty much only properly supported on three platforms, where as a pretty decent port of Webkit can be completed by one person in two or three months.

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RE: What? No applause for Apple?
by aliquis on Thu 26th Feb 2009 14:05 UTC in reply to "What? No applause for Apple?"
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You mean for KDE? As webkit is based of KHTML from the beginning but they got so split of that they joined again under the webkit brand.

So give the love to the open source community as always and not for Apple. Sure they have contributed but only because they could benefit themself. I doubt they would had released their own open-source browser if they didn't based it on someone else work.

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iain.dalton Member since:

Why do people think one party always deserves the majority of the credit? If Apple hadn't made WebKit, we'd be stuck with KHTML, which isn't as nice. If KHTML hadn't been so good, Apple wouldn't have even been able to make WebKit.

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by madcrow on Wed 25th Feb 2009 22:24 UTC
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AROS has just taken another great big leap towards usability.

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