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General Development Thales, an aerospace, defense and security company (68000 employees), releases MyCCM High Integrity, a software component framework targeting mission- and safety-critical distributed real time embedded software. It integrates components written in C, and generates code for handling inter-component communication, threads (priorities, periods), locks, and mode-based reconfiguration. In addition to the software components, MyCCM-HI takes as input a model of the application in a so-called Component-Oriented Architecture Language. Open licensing policy is seen as a mean to improve industry standards.
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Interesting ...
by Hypnos on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 05:30 UTC
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... that I am the first to comment on this. Isn't this precisely the kind of software that OSS advocates should urge companies to open up?

Specialized technology that requires expert time to develop, and yet widely applicable -- in this case, to mission critical systems. Finally, because this is indeed for mission critical systems, that it is now open source should make deployments all the more robust and easy to maintain.

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RE: Interesting ...
by davidiwharper on Thu 5th Mar 2009 10:49 UTC in reply to "Interesting ..."
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This kind of high-end business oriented software is beyond the focus of many here, who are interested more in workstation technologies and general Linux/Windows stuff.

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