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Intel At the Intel Developer Form in Beijing this week, Senior Vice President Anand Chandrasekher introduced and detailed Intel's 'Moorestown' - the next generation of the Intel Atom-based MID platform. In addition, Intel used the anniversary of the introduction of the Atom processors to offer two new Atom chips: the Z550 and Z515. These two new Atom processors are designed with gaming and small form factors in mind.
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by puenktchen on Thu 9th Apr 2009 06:26 UTC
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the article doesn't provide any informations. theregister, while confusing the moorstown prototype and the two new atoms, at least gives us one little bit:

Chandrasekher's demo was a side-by-side showdown between a Moorsetown prototype and a current Atom-based system which showed a greater than 10X improvement in power-miserliness for the upcoming MID platform.

that just might bring it in the the same power region as the competing arm-plattforms (thought it might be telling that tey don't compare their new design with them), but will it still be fast enough? arstechnicas stokes doesn't think so:

For everyone who doesn't care about x86 in a handheld form factor, there's the new ARM Cortex A9-based OMAP4 line from TI (also at 45nm), which will absolutely murder Moorestown at performance per watt for pretty much any workload that matters. I don't have numbers for either of these platforms to give you, but I don't think there will be any contest between the Moorestown platform (two 45nm chips, one with an in-order x86 core) and OMAP4 (a single 45nm chip with an out-of-order ARM core) in a direct performance/watt bakeoff.

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